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₹299 / Month
10+ Dance Forms
70+ Courses
Ask an expert
Access 24x7
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10+ Dance Forms
70+ Courses
Ask an expert
Access 24x7


Best Selling

SAVE 50%
₹2999 / Year

Less than ₹5/Day

10+ Dance Forms
70+ Courses
Ask an expert
Access 24x7
What’s included
  • Curated courses

    The courses are carefully curated for every individual, whether old or

  • Mirror yourself

    Know where you are making a mistake and correct yourself

  • Performance Ready

    With our various dance moves and multiple song choreographies.

  • Rewind and Rewatch

    Revise the video and practise till perfection.

  • Know the trend

    Only the trendiest choreographies and moves are taught here.

  • Ask an expert

    Our choreographers and trainers are available to answer all your doubts.

  • Learn at your own Pace

    Adjust the playback video to match your speed, and learn to dance at your own pace.

  • Track your progress

    Using our track recording feature, know where you stand

  • Various dance styles

    To learn and perform.

  • Multi-device functionality

    Our curated and personalized courses are accessible on every device, hence saving your time offline. .

Frequently asked questions
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After paying for the subscription, According to your plan, You will have access for a year to our courses.
We do not provide refunds.
Yes according to your subscription package and validity, You will be able to enroll in newly launched courses.
Yes after subscription, You can enroll in any or every course that we have.
You can take a month or a year to complete a course, the access will be defined by the package you subscribed for.
After you become a premium member, you get access to all our classes. Choose a course/choreography you want to learn and jump into your class right away.
For Payment issues, you can reach out to us at
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