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Do your little ones love to dance?

Dance has been around since the dawn of civilization. It is a fundamental aspect of human existence that binds us all regardless of our age, culture and time. It is the exercise of the mind, body, and soul. Kids have untapped energy reserves that should be channelled in the right direction. And dance is the perfect way to stimulate their brain and have fun online dance classes for kids.

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What’s Kids-o-fit?

An online dance fitness class for dance and fitness enthusiast kids

The Kids-o-fit series is the beginning of your child's fun and fitness journey. Physical fitness is vital for children's health at a young age, just as eating a well-balanced meal is. Kids that participate in dancing activities are usually more fit, and flexible, and have a higher level of stamina. The kids-o-fit series is a great way for youngsters with a lot of energy to get out of their pent-up energy most productively.


Kids-o-fit Choreographies

The advantages are limitless.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kids-of-fit series about?
It is a dance fitness series for children under the age of 12. The series is designed to teach your children the fundamentals of dancing while also getting them in shape. All of the classes are designed by professional mentors to teach your children important life skills.
What are the benefits of Kids-o-fit?
Dance lessons are intended to improve endurance, stamina, and energy. Not to mention that it's cardio, which keeps their hearts healthy as well. Because it is expressive, it may be an excellent solution for children who resent exercise.
Who can join the classes?
Kids from age groups 6-11 with a passion for dance and fitness can avail the lessons.
How can I register for Kids-o-fit?
You can easily start by subscribing to with a nominal subscriptions charges.


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