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Get Ready for Shadi Wala Dance with Indian Wedding Choreography!
A Wedding Dance doesn’t bind you to a rhythm but liberates you to revel in the moment. It is the lifeblood of an Indian Wedding.

So your big day has finally arrived. Or perhaps you are looking forward to your best friend's wedding. Well, in any of these scenarios, you must have planned your entire look for every event from matching outfits, footwear, and of course, the hair! But, what about the wedding dance? After all, half of the fun at Indian weddings comes from all the dancing. From couple dances to cocktails, mehendi and haldi performances, dancing is what we love the most about weddings in India. Don’t we?

Indian Weddings have transformed from being all about traditions to now being glamorous and cinematic. Wedding Dance is a thing now and finding the best wedding dance choreographer in India is the latest trend. So as the big day draws near, it’s time to wear your dancing shoes and learn wedding dance performances from the best choreographers at Ucanji.

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Reasons to Learn Wedding Choreography From Us

There are weddings and then there are INDIAN WEDDINGS!

Indian Weddings are a series of celebrations that go on for weeks with plenty of singing and dancing. People now want talented dance choreographers for Sangeet, Mehendi, and every wedding function. With our expert choreographers, learning Wedding Dance gets interesting, as we offer -

  • The flexibility to learn wedding dance choreography at home
  • Bollywood wedding dance choreography for Beginners
  • Wedding Dance Choreographers for every budget
  • Guidance of certified wedding dance instructors
  • Iconic hook-steps tutorial
  • The best dance choreographer in India
  • See-Yourself feature to use the webcam as a virtual mirror for Online Classes
  • Mirror Screen to not get confused with left & right while copying the instructor
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Wedding Choreographies
Ways to Learn
Wedding Dance from Us
We are living in a world of influence. Since weddings are now all about Bollywood-style dance performances, it’s important to pause and contemplate the many advantages of learning wedding dance choreography. Here are the methods to learn from us -

Learn Online Dance with more than 100 pre-recorded videos Visit us for your in-studio wedding choreography lessons Get Zoom Sessions for your dance lessons.
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Yes, you can send us the songs you like and we can prepare a mix-up for you, followed by the choreography. Or you can send in your own mix-up and we can choreograph the same for you.
Yes, we do! We have 25+ choreographers who can choreograph all your wedding events and dances to match your vision. We also provide background dancers if you are planning a Solo Peformance with background dancers.
Yes, of course, you can! We have online wedding choreography for beginners, intermediate as well as advanced-level dancers. Our expert wedding choreographers are also skilled at teaching offline dancing to beginners.
Depending on the length and number of your performances, you can learn the wedding choreography in minimum 3 days, including rehearsals.
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