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When we say Indian weddings are so much fun, we mean it and you would agree too. From dressing up in the brightest and blingiest outfits to elaborative ceremonies and functions, and of course the food, Indian weddings are a lot of fun. But what makes Indian Weddings stand out among the crowd is the mad dancing. “Shadi Wala Dance” is actually a thing in India which is specially choreographed. While the bride and the groom are surely a centre of attraction at weddings, the second most awaited moments at the weddings are the dance performances of family & friends. To help you get started, team Ucanji with their skilled dance choreographers have a list of Bollywood Wedding Dance videos and choreographies that may help you nail your performance.

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The most popular dance forms that are performed at every Indian wedding are Bhangra and Bollywood.

Well of course Bhangra because Indian weddings are incomplete without some full-on energetic Bhangra moves. Although it’s a traditional dance form of Punjab, entire Northern India dances to the beats of Punjabi dhol and rhythms. Bhangra Dancing is all about having fun and stomping one’s feet to the rhythm of the music. A chance to dance to the distinctive rhythms and melodies of Punjabi music is an integral part of the experience. Bhangra beautifully mirrors the liveliness and dynamism of the people of Punjab, and a Bhangra performance during a wedding turns into a mass performance with every guest joining in.

Bollywood has a massive impact on everything Indian, especially weddings. Every wedding will have at least one filmy performance on ‘Bole Chudiyan’ or any other fancy Bollywood song. Dancing to the famous hook steps of Bollywood Songs has now become a wedding ritual. Whether you are a newcomer or a Bollywood dancing aficionado, our Online Dance Class is the perfect place for you to explore your talent. Learn from our expert dance choreographers all basic to advance level Bollywood dancing. So, the next time you are at a wedding function, you can ace the dance floor with your perfect Bollywood dance moves.

Importance of Dancing at Indian Weddings

Indian Weddings have a ceremony completely dedicated to singing and dancing, that’s how much we Indians love to dance. The Sangeet ceremony is the most important part of the wedding, yes, more than the actual wedding pheras. No, not really but it’s the lifeblood of a wedding. Friends and family begin their performance rehearsals as the big day draws near. Under the guidance of skilled choreographers and interesting dance choreographies, learning wedding dance performances gets easier with Ucanji.

Every Indian wedding is different from one other depending on the cultural background of the bride and the groom. There are Punjabi weddings, Rajasthani weddings, Gujarati weddings, South Indian weddings, and many more. Each has different traditions. But one thing that binds them all together is the dancing ritual.

Weddings in India have transformed from being austere and all about traditions to glamorous and cinematic. Gone are the days when the sangeet ceremony used to be all about traditional “Shadi ke geet”. Now the sangeet ceremony is a planned event of the extravagant musical affair, which isn’t restricted to just females. It has earned its place as a pre-wedding event where the entire family from both sides dance their heart off. Wedding Dance is a thing now and learning wedding dance online is the latest trend.

Indian Dancing can be as extreme as anything else in India. Dancing in India roots in the ancient form of art that represents the broader spectrum of Indian Heritage. The conclusion is that Indians love to dance. It’s an integral representation of Indian Culture and Indian weddings are the epitome of India’s cultural beauty.

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