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Why Dancing is One of The Best Ways of Self-Care

Self-care involves a lot of things from taking care of your body, your mind, and your soul as well. There are many ways of self-care, dance makes one. Dance, for the time unknown, has been used as an integral part of human expression. We can trace it back to cave paintings that exhibit dance and music as a part of celebrations. Dance was the way to express joy and celebrate.  

Music and dance together stimulate areas of the brain that releases the happy hormones making it feel good and relaxed. Thus, putting the brain at ease. Dancing if done regularly, can act as a cardio exercise that can, in turn, help lower heart rates and blood pressure, thus improving the overall health of the body. Dancing with time can result in weight loss, as a result, improving quality of life. 

When life gives us little or no time for self-care, dance can be your me-time, providing comfort and a means of expression to optimize your overall wellbeing. Dance has a significant impact on our mental and emotional health. Endorphins, or happy hormones, are released during the dance, instantly lifting the dancer’s mood. 

If you think dance isn’t for you because you can’t move as well as professional dancers, think again. You’re not doing it to win a competition; you’re doing it for your self-love. If you don’t trust us, we want you to play one of your favorite songs and dance like nobody’s watching. You will witness your body coming at ease with all the burdens being lifted off gradually and magically. 

There is another dilemma with human beings for finding reasons to be happy and celebrate. What about overcoming negative emotions that are surfacing for some time? Give dance a chance, it is therapeutic and a great way to let it out on the dance floor. 

When it comes to how dance can help with self-care, the possibilities are endless. You deserve to take care of yourself. We at Ucanji understand the psychology of dance and how it can change someone’s life. Get your subscription today for a low cost (the goal is to make dance accessible to all) and let yourself go to the beats of the music and make a move that will set you free.

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