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Wedding dance choreography

Ace Your Wedding Performances With these Simple Tips

Indians are known to have weddings full of amazing colors, loud music, and enthusiastic dancing. It is one of the most significant occasions in India and Indians like to do it in the most Indian way possible. An Indian wedding celebration is a reflection of Indian exorbitant culture and tradition and dance is one of the most loved things at Indian weddings. 

An Indian wedding cannot be imagined without dance

Never have one ever heard of an Indian wedding without dance. However, in India with its diverse cultural background, as we move around the map, ceremonies, and rituals may differ. Today, with people moving to cities and inter-state marriages, cultural boundaries have become more fluid and wedding celebrations are more fun and grandeur than ever.

Dancing at an Indian wedding doesn’t prerequisite you to be graceful, rhythmic or even synchronized Indian wedding dances. It is about dancing your heart out and having a great time. 

Witness The Real Life Musical

The modern Indian wedding is nothing short of a well-choreographed musical. Wedding dance choreography is required to grace various wedding functions lasting for days. Hiring a choreographer for each function will be hard on your pockets. You don’t want that, do you? Learn sangeet dance choreography online to give your sibling or friend the best wedding gift (Ahm, you still have to bring a gift). But your dance performance will undoubtedly make them cry/smile.

How to ace your wedding dance performance

Wedding dance performances are the best part of wedding preparations. The couple, parents, or loved ones dance their hearts out celebrating the union of two souls. While it’s all fun preparing a wedding performance, however, planning for a wedding dance choreography can be tedious and chaotic

Ace your dance performance with these easy hacks -:

Choose the right song- Choosing the right dance song is the most important aspect of dancing. Your wedding dance performance will depend on the song you choose. So, even if you forget your steps in the middle of your performance, the song can keep your vibe and the party jazzed up.

Who are you pairing with-If you’re planning a group dance performance, it’s simple to dance with others who share the same knack for dance; however, if you end up in a group with people who are slightly out of step or beat deaf, the results won’t be pretty. Choosing a challenging dance performance in that situation is illogical and will be disastrous. Pick on your dance wisely to make their weaknesses into strengths. 

Perfection is not the key- Pre-performance jitters are normal but beating yourself to have a perfect dance performance is just plain stupid. Never lose sight of why are you doing it. Trust us, nobody expects you to be perfect, it is a matter of pure joy that these performances bring. So, give yourself a break if you forget the step. The key is to keep going and let yourself immersed in the bliss of the occasion. 

The budget shouldn’t be the subject

Hiring a choreographer can take a toll on your wedding budget. It shouldn’t be like that at all. To ease you from the thought, Ucanji online wedding dance choreographies have come to the rescue. The platform offers 14 dance forms with thousands of dance choreographies designed to make dance simple and affordable for you.

There’s more! We are excited to announce that we are coming up with a dedicated wedding special dance section for all wedding functions, with everything from sangeet dance performances to surprise wedding dance choreography, bhangra dancers for weddings, and bride dance performances available on the platform.

Excited? We are!

Watch out for choreographed wedding dance lessons, Available in your digital space, soon.

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