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Wacky Waacking Tips For Beginners

Dancing is a language that communicates emotions through movements. While every dancer speaks a different language, the love for art remains the same. Waacking is a dance form that communicates through striking arm movements and energetic footwork. This quirky dance style will make you want to move. If you’re looking for a dance form that’s fun, quirky, and full of personality, then wacky waacking is the perfect choice for you! 

More About this Quirky Dance Style

Waacking is associated with street and hip-hop dancing. It’s a unique combination of Latin and Jazz dance footwork. The major focus of this dancing is always the arms and hands with an interesting combination of feminine flair and freestyle movements. Initially named punking, waacking was a dance form introduced in the LGBT community during the 70s.  “Punk” was a derogatory term used for gay men in the 1970s. Calling the dance style punking was a way to empower the community. 

Here are some Wacky Waacking tips for Beginners

So you want to learn the Waacking but don’t know where to begin? How about Ucanji’s dance classes for beginners? Under the expert guidance of our choreographers, you can master your favorite dance moves to perfection. But first, here are some important tips to remember before you start waacking.

Get into character

To learn a dance, the first thing to do is to get into the character of that dance form. Wacky Waacking is as fun as it looks, and one of the best things about this dance style is that it allows your personality to shine through. It’s all about having fun and loving what you do. The more fun you have with your character, the better your performance will be.

Arm movements are key

As a beginner, you must know that waacking dance majorly involves arm movements. So, it’s important to make sure you put a lot of energy into them. Practice flapping, flicking, and waving your arms in all directions to get the hang of it. Remember to use your whole arm, from your fingertips to your shoulders, for maximum impact.

Quick feet movements

While arm movements are important in Waacking, don’t neglect your feet. Try incorporating some wacky steps into your routine, like the “wacky walk” or the “clown step”. These add an extra layer of quirkiness to your performance.

Experiment with music

Since waacking is all about having fun, you can experiment with different types of music. Try different genres, tempos, and beats to find what works best for you. Whether it’s funky jazz, uptempo funk, or even pop music, the key is to have fun and let your personality shine through.

Must Practice

Before you learn the dance style to perfection, you need to learn to do it and you need to do it with perfection. Like any dance style, wacky waacking takes time and practice to master. Set aside time each day to work on your movements and try to incorporate what you’ve learned into your performance. The more you practice, the more confident you’ll become on the dance floor.

Have fun

Above all, wacky waacking is about having fun! Don’t take yourself too seriously and let loose on the dance floor. The more you enjoy yourself, the better your performance will be. It’s also a perfect dance fitness routine to follow.

Now that you have these tips, it’s time to get your wacky on! Put on some music, grab your dancing shoes, and let your inner wild child shine with Ucanji’s online dance classes. Who knows, you may just discover a dance form that you love! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned dancer, these tips will help you master the quirky and wacky moves that make this style so unique. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start wacky waacking!

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