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Ucanji Hits One Million Subscribers!!

Ucanji is India’s leading online dance learning platform. The platform encourages learners of all age groups to learn dance skills in the comfort of their homes. The platform makes extracurricular skill learning accessible to all. Learners get access to hundreds of videos on varied dance forms under the guidance of certified dance instructors. Skill learning (Dance) nurtures both your mind and body. 

Ucanji came into existence to create a one-stop dance learning platform, accessible and available to all, in 2021, a cloud-based tech platform, to ensure that learners have a range of options to choose from unlimited lessons. Ucanji was built on the lines of Netflix. This skill learning platform offers an easy subscription model, signing up for a month, and binge on unlimited dance courses.

Since the inception of the platform and its increasing popularity among the people that go beyond the barrier of gender and age Ucanji, successfully has been able to obtain 1 million+ sign-ups leading to the massive number of hours of watching by its subscribers to a whooping 1000hrs.  

One million people have now joined Ucanji. These people come from more than 34+ countries across the globe and 243+ cities in India.

We at Ucanji currently have over 100+ courses and 1000+ videos across 17+ dance styles online from 50+ partners around the world.

Alongside this rapid growth, we’re pleased to say that the positive figures that we’ve reported in the past still hold true today:


  • 26% of people who start a Ucanji course complete the course and earn certificates. We’re delighted that so many people are motivated to engage with the majority of our courses.
  • 33% of our learners are social – they make comments and engage in conversations, learning from each other and feeling part of a supportive, global community.
  • And 61% of Learners are female, bucking the male-dominated trend of many early MOOC (massive open online course) platforms.

Our Success is a Reflection of Our Learners’ Success

We’re extremely proud to have reached this milestone, but we couldn’t have done it without you. So a big thank you goes to all of our learners, who every day tell their friends and family about Ucanji; and to our partners, who create the compelling courses that have drawn one million people in. Thank you!

Check out how Ucanji has put the fun back into skill learning and a next-gen experience like no other – www.ucanji.com

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