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Top 6 exercises to boost immunity at home

With the changing weather clubbed with the on-going Coronavirus pandemic and respiratory illnesses on the rise, one of the most essential things in today’s time for humanity, for you – for all of us, is to take care of ourselves from unprecedented diseases or illnesses. To do so, we must take every measure to improve our immunity and innate defense mechanism that protects the body and boosts the immunity system against diseases.

We can boost our immunity by maintaining a healthy lifestyle backed with healthy nourishing food and a good exercise routine at home or outside. If you are thinking of taking beginners Zumba workout, we’d suggest that you try these 6 exercises at home to give your immunity a push and ward off any disease without the help of any medicine or pill.

At ucanji, we have curated this list of top 6 exercises to help you boost your immunity at home:

  1. Zumba: Just 30-minutes of Zumba can help you boost your immunity. Did you know that? Well, Zumba is a hardcore dance exercise that helps you not just sweat or lose weight but also help circulate blood throughout the body which boosts the capacity of your body’s immune system. Being active in Zumba can help you relieve stress and will help you fight off infections and viruses.

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  2. Aerobics: One of the most exciting forms of exercise is the aerobic dance workout. Majorly known for helping lose weight, aerobics dance for beginners help stay active while also improving our immune system. Aerobics increase the blood flow, which helps clear bacteria out of airways and strengthens antibodies to help fight infection and illnesses.

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  3. Yoga: This is one of the highly celebrated forms of exercise, not just in India but across the world, for the health benefits it offers. Yoga not only helps practitioners strengthen their core but also boosts immunity. As the best online fitness courses provider, we, at ucanji, believe that you must start your day with a 30-min session of Yoga packed with Surya Namaskar, Shalabasana, Anjaneyasana, Tadasana, etc.

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  4. Pilates: Pilates is one of the easiest and best types of stretching exercises that causes you to shed off those additional kilos, improve your center equilibrium, muscle perseverance, and effectively boost your immunity. If you are interested in Pilates and feel that it is a form of exercise that you are comfortable doing, then you must practice supine Pilates’ movements, leg circles, bridge, swan, abdominal criss-cross, swim, T, etc.


  5. Planks: Without a doubt, the best type of physical exercise helps improve body equilibrium and tone down the additional fat in the midsection area. One can play out any kind of plank based on what is the purpose. One can choose from High plank, Forearm plank, Reverse Plank, Side Plank, etc., or practice small sets of different combinations to strengthen the core and boost immune system functioning.


  6. Walking: Don’t like physical exercises too much? Then go for a 30 min walk daily in the morning to improve your physical and inner core. Walking is obviously the best medicine, but it reaps additional benefits that are unaccounted for when it is coupled with other exercises.

    full body workout for beginners

So, what are you waiting for? Join a full body workout for beginners, or just try any of the above-mentioned workouts to give your immunity a push to cope with the changing weather. Also, if you think you won’t be able to stick to a routine, then you must, cause U CAN!

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