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Top 4 Most trending Dance Forms of 2021

Dance is a form of art that never goes out of fashion. No matter wherever you are, whichever part of the world you are in, dance has the capability to take you by surprise and indulge you in an adrenaline rushing experience. For many, dance is all about getting onto two feet and losing oneself in the music, whereas for some it is all about the expression of emotions, thoughts and experiences. Whichever it is, dance is and will always be in trend – not just for children but people of all ages.

So, if you are a bit excited to catch on the trend train, then we have curated a list of Top 4 Trending Dance Forms of 2021 that you should learn and practice to stay #trendy! So, wear your shoes, play some music and get ready to Learn Dance with UCanJi, Cause You Can Ji –

  1. Bhangra: Bhangra is not just a popular folk dance from the state of Punjab it is an emotion. Today, millions of people from around the globe are interested in learning how to Bhangra. This dance form has a different place in the hearts of people who are taking bhangra classes online even during the pandemic. If you are one of them or are looking for bhangra classes for kids, visit Ucanji to sign up and learn from the best in the industry.
  2. Hip Hop: Known to have originated in the New York City of America, Hip Hop is now a global phenomenon that is practised and celebrated with equal love and passion in anywhere in the world. The dance form is highly dominated by the younger generation, however, hip hop is known to move the masses (of all ages) with its cultural references and more.Hip Hop is more than just a dance form, it is about moving every muscle of your body to create a symphony of steps that speaks louder than words. Hip Hop for Kids is a great opportunity to be vocal, confident and of course, be in trend.

    Do you know: Michael Jackson’s moonwalk is still in trend, and so, Hip Hop is here to stay in 2021 and beyond.

  3. Kathak: A unique and most elegant form of art, Kathak is a dance type that allows the performer to tell a tale and or go on an exploration of romantic as well as devotional poetry. Kathak’s virtuosity has enabled the dance to travel from India to around the world, and is loved and practised by scores of dance lovers.If you are looking for online kathak dance classes, then you must visit Ucanji to find more about it.
  4. Bollywood: The tadka, energy and the beats of Bollywood songs inspire people (of all age groups, especially kids) to just get on the dance floor and lose control. But, did you know that Bollywood dance form is one of the most loved dance forms as it allows people to be free!Even during the lockdown, Bollywood songs enabled people to get involved in Bollywood Dance Workout and engage in some fun practice sessions. Always in trend, Bollywood dance is amongst the first preference of so many people in today’s time! (And, not to forget, Bollywood dance is one of the go-to forms especially when it comes to event performances and more.)

If you are an amateur looking to step foot towards becoming a dancer you must begin with something that is in trend – as it’ll motivate you to move with the trend and not feel left behind. We have enlisted 4 top dance forms of 2021, and you can begin from anywhere!

Ucanji is India’s leading EdTech platform as it provides classes from amateur to expert level for people (of all ages) who are here to learn and grow. We have made available Ucanji classes online to ensure that you practice from anywhere and anytime!

So, what are you waiting for?

Visit Ucanji, choose what interests you best, and start learning dance today!

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