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Top 10 Dance Workouts You Can Do at Home

What is the one thing that almost everyone hates but loves the results it gets? Yes, you guessed it right, it’s a workout! Fitness Workout has many benefits, and acting as a catalyst to achieve effortless dancing is one of them. We know daily exercising is good for health, but who has the time and zeal to actually do it? Even if you successfully motivate yourself, with so many options and limitless information you are bound to get overwhelmed. That’s why we are here to help you with a list of easy dance workouts to do at home that will help you improve your dancing skills. Different dance forms require different types of physical abilities, from flexibility to strength, endurance and balance. Let us take you through a list of easy dance & fitness workouts that will tone your body and help you become a better dancer –

  • Start with Stretching Stretching is the most basic yet vital workout that focuses on strength, flexibility, and breathing. The best form of stretching can be practiced through yoga. Strength and Flexibility are two crucial elements of dancing, which makes Yoga the best choice for a dancer’s fitness workout. But if you are not ready for yoga, just start with stretching. A good 30 minutes stretching session will help your muscles to expand and improve endurance. A daily workout routine will make your jumps, landing, and steps all appear smoother.

  • Squats For a dancer, it is really important to have adequate leg strength. Dancers need strong legs and squats are the best ways to strengthen thighs and legs. Squats don’t have to be boring and tiring, they can be fun when merged into dance steps with good music. Squats are the perfect dance workout as they engage some of the largest muscles in the body that helps in burning calories.  It improves your core and a strong core can assist with better posture.

  • Leg Swings Another awesome fitness and dance workout to try at home are Leg Swings. Isolation Exercises like these allow you to focus all your energy on one body part at a time. It also helps you to warm up and tone the hip muscle. This interesting dance workout prepares you to engage quicker to react to turns, jolts, or when you want to speed things up.

  • Freestyle Workout Another dance workout to try at home is Freestyle Workout. Freestyle Workout lets you move freely without any movement restrictions. Apart from making you more flexible, it also helps you lose weight. This is the easiest of all dance workouts and can be practiced by all age groups. One can dance alone or with a group.

  • Shoulder Rolls Shoulder Rolls are one of the best dance workouts that can not only improve flexibility but also help you improve your posture. It helps lower the risk of neck and back injuries during dancing. For a perfect shoulder roll, stand upright, lift your shoulders and lower them.

  • Lunges Another fitness workout that can help you tone your lower body is Lunges. From our quads to your glutes, lunges are a great way to stretch your lower body muscles. It is one of the best dance workouts as it tones your entire body and increases muscle mass that builds up strength. This resistance exercise strengthens your back and legs whilst perfecting your mobility and stability.
  • Jumping jacks This particular dance workout is a full-body workout that can be done anytime anywhere. Plus, jumping jacks have numerous health benefits as well. It is one of the best ways to increase your heart rate, and blood flow, and prepare your muscles for static stretching. Jumping Jacks are quite simple to do. The trick is to do them with the right technique.

  • Jazzercise One of the oldest and most popular dance forms is Jazzercise. As the word suggests, Jazzercise is the combination of jazz and exercise. This fitness workout session combines jazz dance and strength training to tone muscles and burn calories. It also involves some classic Pilates and Yoga Movements to give an aerobic workout.

  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) HIIT is another perfect dance workout that is the most time-efficient way to exercise. It involves short bursts of intense workouts followed by low-intensity recovery periods. This fitness workout includes sprinting, biking, jumping rope, or other bodyweight exercises. High-Intensity Interval Training can help you lose weight and gain muscle, whilst improving oxygen level.

  • Zumba Last but definitely not least, Zumba is another fun dance workout to do at home. Zumba incorporates Salsa, Rumba, Merengue, and Hip Hop. Experience the best of Zumba with Ucanji Online Dance Learning. There are several videos and choreographies for beginners as well as advanced levels. This aerobic workout is great for overall body fitness.

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