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Things to Focus on: If You Want to be Good at Footwork

From hands to feet, the movement of these body parts is essential in the dance schedule. If you are not doing any step with your foot or not involving foot movement in dance style, then there is something you are lacking. 

Footwork is one of the dance techniques related to foot position and its action. It is critical to learn the details of good footwork for superb posture and movement in choreography to create a great version.

Now, where should a dance newbie concentrate to improve their footwork?

The first thing is- No Stiffness. Now, you are ready to learn the techniques to specialize in footwork. Let’s start with the training tips: 

> Lose the tension 

When a set of footsteps comes up, it is natural to concentrate on those steps. While concentrating so hard on those steps, your muscles can go stiff and tense. 

We advise you to lose the tension. The only key is- to move fast with ease. 

> Breathe between the movements 

Breathing through the movements means letting the body relax and move with ease. 

If you find yourself panting for oxygen every time you halt, go over that part again. Next time, focus on breathing rather than on feet.

> Stay light on the feet

Moving fast on your feet- means you could achieve the place or worse…tripped

To keep up more readily, propel yourself from moving to another step by using your toes and the heels of your feet.

Instead of stepping with your entire weight on flat feet, use your energy wisely.

> Go in Sync with the beats

When the body is in motion, and you want to kill the steps, but you notice that the steps are out of time with the beats.

Identify the part where you get slowed down, start practicing the particular section for a hundred times till you don’t perfect it. 

Let’s try and practice these four techniques that will help you in mastering the footwork. In our online dance for beginner classes, we emphasize with the help of extensive practice and pro-tips.

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