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popping dance style

The popping dance style is all about hitting, releasing, and contracting muscles to the beats of the music. The popping dance style is a funk and street dance style, making it closely related to hip-hop. The best part is that dance classes for this modern dance are easily available online.

The continuous rhythm of the peak points of the song is amalgamated with various key movements of the popping dance style. Arm pops, leg pops, chest pops, and neck pops are myriad variants of the historic Popping dance style.  

The origin of the popping dance style is an interesting one. Never did a dance style involve facial expressions, mime-style moves, and different body angles to communicate non-verbally to this degree. 

The Chronicle of OG Popping Dance 

Popping is a freestyle street dance that was inspired by the Boogaloo cultural movement in Oakland, California. The quick contracting and relaxing muscles, robotic moves, and animation — the elements of this style transformed to create the OG Popping dance style. 

Soon, street dancers from across the board embraced the popping dancing technique.

That resulted in many innovations in popping, along with a lot of new movements.  

5 Key Moves of Popping Dance 


Quickly contracting and releasing body muscles and striking different musical rhythms with diverse poses.

The Boogaloo 

Boogaloo Sam, the OG of funk dance, invented the Boogaloo move. It consists of separate circular rolls of bodily components (giving the impression of the body having no bone).

The Boogaloo

The Robot 

The move involves imitating a robot.

The Robot


It’s a footwork manoeuvre that gives the impression that your feet are flowing effortlessly across the floor.



The move entails tensing the muscles abruptly to produce the appearance of stop-motion.

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