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The best popping exercises for your student?

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Popping is a dance form based on technique – which means with constant Popping exercises and Popping drills, learners can condition their bodies to move in certain ways. Learning Pop Dance is different because Popping itself is a big bucket of styles that branches out to many other styles.

UCanJi has curated a listed of the best popping exercises for you to integrate in your dancing classes to provide a better and more efficient learning experience for your students:

Waving Drills:

Waving is a skill of fluently moving your body in such a way which makes it look like you are imitating an actual wave in the ocean. Being a popping instructor you might be a waving expert but here is a step-by-step guide of waving (popping) exercise for your learners:

  • Begin with your hand on your leg. Now lift your wrist up, then your elbow and then your shoulder.
  • Keep repeating this until these steps are stored in your muscle memory.
  • With constant practice, your students will learn detaching these body points within your arms, which will make your waving more precise and polished.

Hitting Drills:

Hitting is like a 2-step dance technique. Essentially, the dancer starts with relaxing and then quickly flexing your muscles which will create a hit. For your online dance class students to master hitting, train them to follow this simple exercise:

  • Pull your arm out, right in front of the body. Your hand should be parallel to the ground.
  • Flex your muscles twice on one side, then switch arms.

Teach your students to begin with slow paced music so that you can analyse your body movement better, looks and feels.

Once the learners find themselves in a comfortable posture, take one level higher by trying to switch the weight on your feet to the direction of the hitting arm.

Dime Stops:

In the Dime Stop, the dancer reaches point B without any additional shaking or reverb. It is basically the illusion of the clean stop which earns the hearts of the viewers. It has to be quick, as in, in no time.

  • Start from any position which you are comfortable in and then extend your arms.
  • Pivot from left to right, ensure that you reach a complete stop without the engagement of any muscle.
  • Put extra consciousness on not flexing a muscle.

Now, repeat this practice to master it and do not forget to inform your students in online dance lessons that this might look simple but Dime Stop requires a lot of control and patience

These exercises are great to help your students master the top popping steps and if you are a dance instructor looking for new learners for your dance class online, UCanJi is the perfect platform for you because we will help you build a community of dance learners who are interested in learning from the best.

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