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Teaching Dance Online: Myth Vs Truth

During these times of crisis, teaching online is no more a choice but has become a necessity. Since the implementation of global lockdown, people are uncomfortable in leaving their houses to learn any new skill or to do anything at all. So, it is the best time for dance instructors to choose this modern way of teaching, which is the online dance classes because learners are inclined towards online learning more than ever before.

But before you start your online dance teaching career, you must be familiar with some common myths that dance instructors come across while starting their journey. So, spend a few minutes to understand the reality of online training:

Myth #1: It is difficult to find students online

Being India’s largest online dance platform, we understand that while being a dance expert you might not be a technical specialist, but do not worry, UCanJi has got you covered with 1 Lakh+ already enrolled learners. Finding students is no more a problem.

All you have to do is register and upload your dance class video. We will help you find your students and connect you to learners all around the globe so that you are all set to share your dance course online.

Myth #2: Earning money online is trouble

The internet is the biggest place of work for many, here you get to reach students from all over the world and you can earn up to 10X money with lesser efforts.

UCanJi ensures that you get paid every time any student practices from your video on our platform. So, teaching online will not just help you to earn money, in fact, it will make you a brand.

Myth #3: Online Lessons are not as effective as Classroom Lessons

This is a common myth which both the instructors as well as the students hear, but this is not true. Dance Classes Online have evolved over time and students are even more comfortable in learning online on their devices, as it gives them a chance to learn as per their pace, time availability and gives them accessibility to repeat classes as many times as they want.

Myth #4: Learners do not want to learn from new instructors

With immense competition in the dance industry, new age instructors fear that people won’t choose them among the other teachers. But the truth is, with UCanJi you get a platform with an active community of instructors where you will get a chance to showcase your talent and we will help you find more dance enthusiasts for your lessons.

UCanJi thrives to create a platform that goes beyond genres, beats, and styles by seeking the right instructors. We aim to facilitate a connection between anyone who is even a tad bit interested in dancing and to enable those who are looking for highly-motivated instructors just like you. Join us today, and become a part of our global community of dance enthusiasts.

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