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Six Super Cool Moves to Dance in a Club

Have you ever been astonished after seeing someone twisting their kamariya in a club? Wonder how these people come up with such moving and grooving in a club on those dancing numbers? If you feel pressure being social at a party or club, this blog is coming as a handbook for practicing a couple of cool moves to dance. 

Not everyone needs to be a master at everything. Social dancing is hard but, we have some legendary moves in our blog to follow with dance for beginners. Check them below and practice. 

> One & Two and Clap- steps

This is known as Two-steps where one needs to do steps and clap. You need to step from one side to another. Side-by-side. Just shift your weight side by side and clap. 

> Pop Your Booty 

This one is again Side-to-Side but this includes your booty. Bend your knees, put one hand on one knee, and do the POP- that means to bring another leg from bend to straight inward.

> The Real WOAH

One of the infamous Instagram reel steps where one needs to pronounce Woah with their locking hand and lip-sync on heavy bass-boosted songs. 

> Get Life with Dougie 

It’s a real move where you need to add your attitude with your shifting. It is the same two-steps dance but with shoulder movement. 

> Dance like a  Robot 

This is a lifesaver for those who cannot dance at all but still feel like dancing at all costs. It is a bizarre combo of unsynced foot coordination and the robotic motion of hand and torso. 

Usually, it happens to make others laugh and have a great party. 

> The Floss – Internet sensation 

You must have heard of a 15 years old kid who invented alternating hand and leg movements while keeping a straight face. It will take ages to perfect the dance move but, who is afraid to try!

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