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Simple Exercises to Improve your Core Strength

As a dancer, your need to have a strong core since it is your center of gravity and all your body movements begin from your core. Core strength allows you to perform some intense dancing moves like lifts, leaps and facilitate flexibility during your performance.

Fortunately, core exercises are simple yet effective and can be performed inside your house. While you are constantly practicing by learning from a dance course online, you need to focus on strengthening your core to improve your dancing skills.

So here are the some of the best exercises which are curated to help improve your core strength:


Plank is a classic core-strengthening exercise which is great for you as a dancer since it engages every muscle in your body. Ensure that you pull your belly inside by tucking your hips under.

Stay in the position for about 60 seconds and repeat the same exercise 3-4 times according to your strength. To increase the intensity you can make alternate movements between your elbows and hands. Performing planks regularly will provide you with a stronger core for your dance lessons.

Ab Scoops:

While performing this exercise you need to keep your lower back in contact with the floor, your rib cage lower and the belly zipped up which will create the ab scoop which we are looking for.

To add a little challenge, extend on the leg at a time. Once you can successfully perform this extend, do the same with both legs together. Do 10 repetitions in 3 sets.

Crunches with Rotation:

Crunches are really effective in strengthening your core but might require higher efforts (but, they are definitely worth it!) That is why the best dance classes include this in the workout routine.

Begin with lying down with your elbows out and knees lifted. Now keep your chin up and pull your body towards the ceiling. This is how you can engage your abdominals and obliques.

Now to take it to another level, rotate your upper body towards left and then right while crunching your body.

Plan your repetitions as per your body strength and keep increasing the number of crunches regularly.

Cobra Pose:

To strengthen the front core of your body, you need to work on your back as well and this exercise is a great way to activate your lower back muscles .

Lie down on your belly and relax your body. Now pull your upper body up keeping the lower body in contact with the floor. Keep your body in the position for 3 seconds and repeat 10 times.

Note: Avoid any jerks to ensure a safe workout.

Add these exercises in your daily workout routine to strengthen your core to see constant improvement in your dancing skills. Looking for expert guidance to conquer the dancing skills?

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