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Rangon Bhara Naach-Dance Your heart out this Holi

Dance has been a part of Indian culture from time unknown. According to Hindu mythology, Brahma created dance. He inspired the sage Bharata Muni to write the Natya Shastra. It is a collection of essays on performing arts that gave rise to a codified practice of dance and drama. Not in India, the dance is a part of the celebration all over the world. In Indian culture, every festival and celebration is incomplete without dance. With the festival of colour around the corner, let’s find out about the traditional dance forms. These folk dances are performed in different parts of the country during Holi. 

Chang- It is a Rajasthani folk dance. It’s also known as Dhamal, dhuff dance, and Holi dance. It’s performed during the Holi festival to commemorate the triumph of good over evil.

Dollu Kunitha- It is a traditional Karnataka dance form. The performers wear extremely eye-catching costumes. Flowers and peacock feathers are used to decorate the headgears. The songs sung during the dance are thought to be based on the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Braj ki Holi- Everyone wishes to witness the splendour of Braj ki Holi in Mathura and Vrindavan, where the joyful spirit pervades the entire city and colours rain down from the sky. Brij is said to be a place where Lord Krishna played with his pals, Radha and the other Gopis, and grazed their animals. People dress up as Radha and Krishna, gopis, and sing Holi songs. They also dance to Holi songs and play Holi with gulal and flowers.

Kumaoni Holi – Uttarakhand

Kumaoni Holi is a month-long festival in Uttarakhand’s Kumaon. Men dress up in traditional clothes and sing and dance to Holi songs accompanied by instruments like the ‘Dhol and ‘Hurka. Khadi Holi is a sort of Holi dance in which males dress up in traditional costumes and sing and dance to Holi songs on the beats of instruments such as the ‘Dhol and ‘Hurka. 

Holi parties are a big part of Holi festivals across the country. The music and beats may compel you to move the body to the beats of the most groovy party songs ever. Doing the bhangra to the beats of dhol lifts the spirits. Energetic dandiya during the festival in many parts of Gujarat is a treat to your senses. Also, the pandemic and the lockdown have taken away these two years of celebration, holidays, and gatherings. That’s why it becomes more special than ever to celebrate it to the fullest of your joy and happiness. If you’re planning to go to a Holi party, you better revisit your signature party moves. Wondering how? We have the perfect platform for you. Improve your dancing skills with ucanji online dance classes and dance your heart out this holiday. Take Bhangra and Bollywood dance classes and learn them online with ucanji. Learn easy and party-ready dance steps with ucanji online dance lessons. Ucanji teaches dance lessons through recorded sessions and a variety of courses. The dance videos cater to people of all ages and levels. The dance lessons range from beginner to intermediate and advanced level. 

What are you waiting for… Reflect the magic of the festival through your iconic party moves with Ucanji. 

Now, Do yourself a favour, let’s play Holi.

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