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Outline your workshop structure with practice section

Outline your workshop structure with practice section

While creating your dance class online, it is best to create a structure which is based on the goal of your course. This structure should define all the sections of your course, and not to miss, add a complimentary practice session to your course.

Some of the best course are created in three segments – Introduction, Middle and Conclusion:

  • Introduction: This segment should not consume a lot of time, keep it simple and short. Use this time to explain who you are, share some of your achievements and set some reasonable expectations. Try to keep it to your first video, and next time onward, you can talk about ‘what to expectation’ in the video!
  • Middle: It is the major portion of your dance lessons, train your students on the skills, share valuable information and help them sharpen their skills.
  • Conclusion: Use this segment to explain the practice activity and end your course with a strong finish which makes them feel rewarded.

You can follow these guidelines while creating your course’s practice session:

  • Timing: The time to complete a practice session is important to keep in mind, perform the practice activity on your own and remember, your students can need about 2-3 times longer.
  • Instructions: Your instruction will help the students to follow up more easily. Explain the steps, their importance and everything they need to know, you can include these instructions as audio or text in your dance tutorial videos.
  • Examples: It is great if you add some examples of the practices which the learners can follow, it gives them a chance to understant it better and even their performance.

By following these guidelines you will be able to create an effective structure for an amazing dance course.

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