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Most Loved Navratri Songs and their tutorials on Ucanji

The nine colourful and splendorous nights of Navratri are here. As one of the most awaited festivals of India, the Navratri season is a melange of celebration, joy, and mysticism. This 9 days long melodious festival is when the festivity and fervour are at their peak.

Navratri is celebrated in myriad ways in different parts of the country. One of the most popular rituals of Navratri is the Garbha and Dandiya dancing. This magnificent festival of dance and devotion is incomplete without Navratri Songs. So as you prepare your outfits and dandiyas for the colourful celebration, here are some of the most loved Navratri Special Songs and their tutorials for you to deliver a power-packed performance. But first, let us understand how Garbha can also be a great form of workout.

Dancing to Navratri Songs is more than just fun

What’s a better workout than finding a workout you love? Dancing is always fun and when you get to do it with your friends it becomes more fabulous. Dancing to Navratri Special Songs is not just a great way to lose some calories, but is also a form of aerobic exercise, and of course the fun part is always there. Garbha is a full-body workout that builds your core muscles and increases your stability.

Add the fun elements to your Navratri celebration and break the dance floor with these amazing Navratri Songs and their tutorial –

Nagada Sang Dhol

Who doesn’t love Deepika Padukone grooving to the beats of this amazing song? This catchy track is the perfect Navratri Song and the grooviest way to light up your celebrations. Our expert team of dancers has created a magical choreography for this song. Learn this easy and fun tutorial and burn the dance floor this Navratri. If you and your BFF are planning to rule this Navratri with performance then this tutorial is the perfect choreography for you.

Dholi Taro Dhol Baje

Who can forget this evergreen song? It’s been over 2 decades, and the song still sets you in an energetic mode. The beats and dance steps are such that you cannot stop yourself from moving. This romantic track is an ideal Navratri Special Song which is perfect for a dandiya and garbha night. Check out our intense full-of-energy choreography and we are sure you just won’t be able to resist dancing to this song. Get your dandiyas ready as we prep you for a night of fun and dancing.


Another popular addition to the list of special Navratri and Garba Songs is ‘Dholida’ from the movie ‘Loveyatri’. This dance track is an energetic and catchy composition that is sure to take the centre stage this Navratri. The dhol rhythm of this song is bound to leave you overwhelmed. Learn the beautiful choreography on this current earworm and mesmerise everyone with your beautiful performance. Our tutorial will help you match up the energy and vibrancy of this song. Dance the festive night away with Dholida.

Chogada Tara

Feel the true essence of festivities with this beautiful song from the movie ‘Loveyatri’. This popular Navratri Song is a magical blend of Gujarati words and dhol beats that can make anyone hit the dance floor. Rejoice in the magnificence of Navratri and explore this peppy tutorial by our team of expert choreographers. The music combined with these energetic dance moves will surely take you to a world of festivities.

Bhai Bhai

If you think Garbha and Dandiya Nights are only for girls, then you are mistaken. Guys who are wondering what to do for a solo performance, the ‘Bhai Bhai’ song from the movie ‘Bhuj’ is the ideal choice for you. Learn this absolutely fun dance tutorial under the guidance of our fabulous dancer and get ready to rock the stage.

While the festival of Navratri is observed and celebrated all over India, its true essence can be felt in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. The Navratri nights here are a vibrant mash-up of religious rites and nonstop cultural dance and song performances. Popular traditional dances like Garbha, Raas, and Dandiya rule the festivities and have helped Navratri spread its intrinsic beauty around the world.

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