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Without fizz, the taste of cola is bland. Without tempo, music is like a ship without a rudder. And without dance performances, an Indian wedding cannot be ‘ultimate’. The relationship between an Indian wedding and a dance is like peanut butter & jelly. They are meant to go together. 

Who doesn’t love shadi wala dance? Choreographed Bollywood dance performances can make your wedding memorable and unforgettable.

Everyone joyfully celebrates the union of love, puts their hearts out for the newlyweds, and these choreographed dance performances steal the show or sometimes turn out to be the showstoppers. 

To help you get started with this delightful task, Ucanji’s in-house choreographers have come up with 5 wedding dances that you and your loved ones can perform on your big day. 

Cutie pie 

Choreography wedding dance

Cutie pie song is one of the trendiest Bollywood dances on which you and your cutie pie friends can groove and move. So, get ready with right-hand par mehndi lagakar.


dance Choreography For Wedding

Bring your charm to the floor with the Cappuccino dance performance and mesmerise everyone. This is a perfect dance number to perform with your friends. 


Dance Choreography At Home

The combination of your traditional attire, the Gaghra, and the coordination of every step, will leave your partner in awe. Showcase your grace and beauty, and steal their heart with your mesmerising performance on Gaghra.


dance Choreographers For Wedding

What better song to dance to with your partner than “Lover”? Bring the magic of love and playful flirting to the stage with the choreography for “Lover”. 

Let’s Nacho 

Now, it’s the time for shadi-wala dance. We have put together a special performance for those who wish to let’s nacho themselves through their unique dance styles on the dance floor.

Have a great wedding with UCanji Dance Experts 

UCanji, India’s leading online dance learning platform, has great plans to make your wedding unforgettable and memorable with its dance choreographies. Let us add an extra dose of fun and excitement to your special day. Dance the night away with the help of UCanji Dance Experts. 

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