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Learning Dance Online: Embrace the new normal

Dance has been a passion for many and people make every effort to pursue this passion. But, things have changed in recent times with the corona breakout. As the covid-19 situation worsened all over the country, people were restricted to stay inside their places. This changed how people used to work, study and even dance. Online dance classes are the new normal. At the start, people were finding it difficult to adapt to the new normal. As time passed, the new normal became the norm, and learning dance online is something people are getting accustomed to. Honestly, online dance learning has proved to be instrumental for students because training at home gives more privacy, more freedom, a huge selection of quality classes, and so much more. Whether you want to relieve stress, improve your flexibility, or work on your technique, below are the reasons to learn from online dance classes to become a pro dancer.

Learn from Professionals being at home

 There are plenty of websites that offer online dance classes for kids, but only a few of the dance websites are useful for the students. Ucanji is a free dance platform for all dance enthusiasts. We strive to provide everyone with a platform and equal opportunity to learn dancing.. They have professional and certified choreographers who teach in a way that is easily adopted by every student.

Learn from the comfort of your home

Learn from the comfort of your home with online dance classes. You can learn to dance online while in your comfort zone with the help of various sources that offer online training. Ucanji is one of those platforms for online dance classes in India. From Kathak, Bhangra to Hip Hop, Ucanji has a selection of recorded online lessons for kids ready to learn and improve their skills.

 Learn from anywhere

The biggest roadblock a student faces while wanting to learn dancing is the geographical barrier. Online classes have broken the shackles of distance and time. With dance classes online, the student can bring an in-classroom learning experience to your smartphone, laptop, and television. Online teaching allows students to choose the teachers to learn from. Ucanji was also started with the thought of making dance available to people of all age groups, anywhere, and to help them find more ways to express and present themselves freely.


Safety and Wellbeing

Though the situation is getting better, you still need to be careful and follow safety precautions all the time to protect yourself and others. Learn from the best and your favourite choreographer in the safe space of your home with Ucanji that teaches various dance forms from Kathak to Hip hop. Another benefit is that instead of trying to build your life around structured personal teaching, you can organize your dance classes around your schedule. This is useful for early risers and night owls.

Learning to dance is a great way to get fit, loosen yourself, and rejuvenate your senses.. With online classes in place, one can learn to be a pro-dancer without taking an in-person class and schedule your classes according to your time. It is a perfect way of learning dance for someone self-conscious or who dislikes learning in a group. Ucanji, online dance classes for kids was also founded with the idea of ​​dancing with people of all ages, and learning dance online anywhere and everywhere,  helping them find more ways to express themselves freely.


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