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Learn Dance Anywhere & Anytime @ Rs. 149

Dance is the art of voicing inner thoughts skillfully. The uncompromised high standard value nurtured during the dance training evolves an individual dynamically. 

Self-confidence is the unheard trophy every individual wins while learning and exploring dance. It also enhances the thinking ability of the person. Dance uplifts the individual’s overall well-being. 

Alongside this, dance keeps you fit! Dance teaches you the importance of movement and mobility. Also, the coordination and alignment of your body are enriched. Dance gives wings to your good mood too. It gives a back seat to all the stress, worries, and anxiety. Dance helps you to understand yourself and the people around you a little better than otherwise!  

The beauty of this art is that people of all age groups regardless of their geographical locations can shake a leg! However, not many people can master the art due to limited or zero access. At Ucanji, we are trying to bridge this gap. 

Ucanji is making skill learning engaging and accessible throughout the country. The platform encourages people of all age groups to learn dance skills in the comfort of their homes. People get access to hundreds of videos on varied dance forms under the guidance of certified dance instructors. The people need to sign up only one time on the platform. From then onwards, they can learn dance online anytime, anywhere from any device. Besides this, Ucanji has an array of distinguished skill-learning courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level students. After the successful enrollment and completion of the courses, the students will receive a certificate.

Ucanji believes in making skill learning accessible and available to all. This new-age skill development platform strives to break the monotony by giving a medium to learn a new skill. Ucanji & its team strongly believe that skill learning is a must and for all regardless of the economic strata a kid belongs to.  

Few things are gratifying and exciting. Just like making skill learning accessible and available to all. Hitting 1 million! And, unlocking other various accomplishments! We just can’t hold joy and happiness to ourselves. We also believe in sharing the joy and making everyone a part of our celebration to amplify it! 

Now, let’s hop to the exclusive exciting offers, 

One in a Million offer:

  • Rs 299 at Rs 149 monthly subscription
  • Rs 2999 at Rs 1499 yearly subscription

Use Coupon Code: FAMDANCE 

Offer valid till 30 April 2022 only. 

The First 1000 subscribers will win hampers worth Rs. 3000/-

What are you waiting for? You don’t get such great deals every day. See you there at Ucanji! 

Now anyone can learn to dance anywhere and anytime with Ucanji.

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