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How to teach on UCanJi?

The dance industry has changed drastically. Many dance instructors are struggling to cope with the new ways of teaching. It’s going to be some time before social distancing is just ‘social’ again, and even when it does things are going to be different. So, it is best for us, the whole dance community, to adopt modern ways of teaching.

So, today, I am glad to introduce you to UCanJi, India’s Largest Online Dance Platform. Spreading your dance course online is no more a challenge for you because UCanJi will do all the work for you.

So, Why Should You Join UCanJi?

Before starting, you must understand the need of UCanJi in teaching dance online. So, let me explain to you the benefits which will motivate you to get onboard with us:

Monetize your Dance Lessons: Now is the time when your talent pays off. UCanJi will help you earn up to 10X more money as your dance classes will be visible and ready to be availed by 1 Lakh+ learners who have already enrolled on the platform.

Stay Connected to the Dancer’s Community: Being part of the community with more dance enthusiasts just like yourself will help you grow and encourage you to sharpen your skills.

Engage Online/Offline: UCanJi is your platform to get in touch with learners from all over the world, and you get the opportunity to give your dance class online as well as offline.

Teach amongst famous Gurus: While you work on a platform with reputed dance instructors, you get students’ trust which will help you gain even more students.

Starting your UCanJi classes is a 5 mins task. Spend a few more minutes to understand the complete process:

Step 1: Register Yourself: You need to fill out a simple form to register for free with UCanJi.

Step 2: Share your Dance Video: Your dance video will help attract learners towards your online dance classes. While uploading your video, ensure that it is in the resolution 1920X1080 or 1280X720 and keep a clean background, contrasting with your outfit.

#Pro-Tip: So while you edit and share your video, try to be conservatory and creative in your communication skills to get the attention of the dance enthusiasts.

Step 3: We will get the students for you: No more worrying about finding students for your online classes because we will do it for you. With thousands of already enrolled students, we will ensure that you earn every time a learner practices from your video.

So, come along and join a community of dance enthusiasts just like you. UCanJi focuses on creating a platform to connect learners of various genres, beats, and styles with the right instructors.

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