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How to make your dance classes interactive for your students?

As a dance teacher, you have the opportunity to pass on your passion for the art of Dance! It has become quite easy with online dance classes with UCanJi, but how do you gain the attention of the learners?

Before you start creating your first dance course, we would suggest you spend a few minutes reading this blog to understand some specifics which will help you in creating an interactive dance class for your learners. It is very important to work on creating an interactive course not just for the students, but it will help you as an instructor as well. Some of the benefits of an engaging course are:

Keeps Students Motivated:

You might be creating some of the best dance lessons for your students, but they still can feel demotivated because the online learning experience is quite different, and it is very normal for students to lose enthusiasm at some point.

If your course is interactive, this problem can be solved. When you focus on interacting with your students, they feel valued, and want to engage more with your classes.

Improvise your Dance Course:

Everyone loves a personalized course, customized to match their needs. So, when you interact with your students, you get an opportunity to understand their reviews, objective, and feedback about the course.

Now, you can easily improve your online dance class according to your audience and their demands.

Earn more Learners:

When you start to offer such an amazing learning experience to your students, you will successfully achieve hundreds of new customers.

Hence, working on creating an interactive course will help you to find more learners while uplifting your online dance teaching career.

UCanJi has enlisted some of the most effective tips which will help you in the creation of an interactive video for your students:

Add Daily Tasks:

Adding some daily tasks/challenges for the students can really keep them motivated and encourage them to practice more and more. So it is a great idea to insert some simple day to day tasks related to your course, it might be practicing a specific step, or maybe adding some personal style to the dance.

Share Fun Facts:

It is best to not stick to a fixed script, just delivering your class and talking about the dance steps might bore the students. So, to make your online dance courses interactive you must put in some very interesting facts to gain your students’ interest.

These might include some facts about the dance genre, some specific step, or maybe the song which you are selecting.

Create a Conversation:

You might not be able to communicate directly with the students but you can still interact with them through your videos. Try to establish a conversation in the mind of the learners.

If you are a dance instructor looking for a career in online teaching, sign up for UCanJi, India’s largest Online Dance Platform and we will help you to find hundreds of new learners from all across the world.

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