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How to Improve Your Dancing Skills

Time and patience are two important things while learning anything. Whether it’s dance or science, there is always room for improvement in every skill. In the year 2022, if one is looking out for improving dancing skills, there are lots of factors to explore. 

In the technological advancements era, where online dance classes are available at a click, improvement in various dance forms is doable. 

The only tough thing is- when and how you are going to start. Once you figure out the reasons, it will be easier to work on them. 

> Never miss dance tutorials 

Improvement is possible when you stick to the schedule of taking dance tutorials regularly. So, it is important to do the same routine daily. The dance tutorials keep the brain reminded about the steps and you will not be forgetting them soon. As an example, the Kathak dance form is rigorous and not so easy. Daily kathak dance classes will keep the brain in sync with the body movements. 

> Test the limits 

Everyone has a threshold when it comes to doing challenging steps. Beginner or advanced level dancers have different stamina. If someone is doing a Bollywood dance workout, the dancer needs to challenge his/her limit to do all the possible chores to finish the session. Testing limits is about pushing more, keeping balance and reaching to bit more. 

> Believe in yourself 

Dance is all about taking the spirit high and above. Believing in yourself is the kind of kickstart that helps. You can do anything to reach the desired destination, you can perform any dance form, you can perform without making one mistake- the motivation can take you anywhere. The more you act, the more you will grow the confidence and the more you will start believing in yourself. 

> Videotape your practice 

If you watch yourself practicing the steps, you will be able to find the flaws to make them right. Videotaping yourself is a better option than watching yourself in the mirror doing practice. You can watch those videos as many times as you want and take notes to improve your dancing skills later. 

> Ask your teachers 

The best thing that happens at an online dance class is- you get feedback right at the moment. Ucanji is a unique platform to learn dance through practices under perfect choreographers. Ucanji’s choreographers are always ready to hold your hands whenever you need them. All you need to do is to ASK.

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