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So you are a dance fanatic who just can’t get enough of the beats. What if you were to wake up one day and walk into a dance studio first thing in the morning? And no, you don’t need to brush or shower, just get there and dance away. Sounds like a dream right? Or maybe you are not a dancer but your kid is and at some point, they might have asked you if it’s possible to have a dance studio at home. Well, guess what? It is possible! No need to rent a place or buy a space, you can create a perfect dance studio at home. You get your own comfortable dance studio which makes it easy for you and your kids to Learn dance at home. We are going to get into the details of your at-home dance studio, but first…

Why do I need an at-home dance studio?

The art of dancing flourishes in the most beautiful way on the canvas of a dance studio!

  • Having a dance studio at home sets you in the mood to dance, express yourself and fuel your creativity.
  • With so many fitness dance classes and lessons available online, a home studio doubles as a perfect workout space.
  • You don’t need to move the couches for your dance workout classes online anymore.
  • A dance studio at home is the perfect opportunity to share your love for art with the world. Open doors to shared learning for your friends and folks.

We can go on and on, but we believe you got the point. When starting out, you might have a zillion questions, but fret not. We are going to clear all your doubts about building a dance studio at home. 

Ways to set up a dance studio at home?

Pick the right space

Your dance studio is your comfort zone that shouldn’t disturb anybody else’s comfort. So make sure to create a studio far away from your bedrooms. It can be a verandah, a lawn, a living room, or whatever area has space for you to move freely. It’s also important to keep the space secluded so that there is no disturbance between your rehearsals and practice.  If you feel like there isn’t much option, know that you don’t need a ton of space. It can be any corner that you find suitable. 

Mirror mirror on the wall

Once you are done setting up a space for your Dance Studio it’s time to bring in the mirrors. While dancing, it’s important to check your reflection as it helps you improve your dance technique. You can create a mirror wall or it could be a full-length mirror, an over-the-door mirror, or a skinny full-length mirror depending on your requirement and budget. 

The right dance floor

It’s okay to dance on a cemented or carpeted floor, but if you still want the perfect floor arrangement for your dance studio here’s what you can do. You can get wooden or laminated floors for your dance studio but why spend on changing the floor system? There are several portable floor options that you can use anywhere, just like mats. You can get those interlocking mats that can be pieced together depending on the space you have. 

The right lighting

Make sure to add ample lighting in your studio in a way that does not interfere with your ability to move around the room. More than adding aesthetic value, lighting the dance studio is more about increasing visibility. 


You really need to feel the music to be able to dance to it. You don’t need a surround sound system but you also can’t be done with just wireless earbuds. You can use a portable speaker to amplify the music from your phone, or even a boombox if hip-hop dance is your jam. 

Personalise the vibe

Last but not the least; decorate your studio to reflect your vibe. You can maybe use your own dance pictures and trophies to highlight your achievements. If you are all about the glitz and bling then fun disco lights can be a perfect addition to your vibe. 

Now that you have your dance studio ready, what are you waiting for? Jazz, Waltz, Salsa or Hip Hop your way into the studio and spread the magic of your art!

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