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We all dance, but all of us can’t dance like a pro! Dancing is an art that you are either born with or you can learn it. Whether it’s natural or nurtured, the key is to recognize the talent and hone it to excellence. And talent when recognized at an early age helps boost confidence. So if you see your child twirling around to a song or dancing to the dhol beats, it’s time to give wings to their dancing hearts. But what dance style to pick for your dancing divas and dudes? The key is to match the style with your kid’s personality and preferences. But first, let’s learn…

Some Different Dance Styles to Consider

Bollywood Bhangra Mix

As Indians, we are bound to have a soft corner for everything Bollywood, especially Bollywood Dancing. Combine it with the flavour of Punjab’s Bhangra dance and you have the dance of the masses!  Bollywood Bhangra dancing requires full body movement, which helps improve coordination, posture, and flexibility.


Ballet is one of the most popular dance styles to start learning at a young age. This graceful dance takes years of practice to master. Ballet tends to be more structured than other types of dance. It is a great cornerstone for other dance styles and can help introduce kids to the world of dance.


Contemporary dance is another graceful dance that requires fluid movements and strength. It’s a dance of story-telling through twirls and leaps. The vocabulary of contemporary dance stems from the ballet, jazz, and tap dance styles.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance is a great way for young dancers to express themselves. The freedom of movement and expression is what makes this dance style a popular choice for kids who don’t like to be held back. 

Things to keep in mind while choosing dance styles for your child

Your little one has expressed a desire to dance and now you know about all the dance forms to opt from. But, what’s next? Let’s answer all that comes after –

The right dance class

Depending on your child’s interest and liking it’s important to choose the right dance class. Smaller Dance Classes are always a good option as it allows children to learn more while having fun.

The right dance teacher

While learning dance, it’s important to have the right dance instructor. The advantage of online dance classes like Ucanji is that you get to choose from a list of trained choreographers. Our dance instructors are all qualified to mould your little one into a world-class dancer. 

The right age to start

The right age for your kids to start learning dance is when they start showing interest. As parents, it’s important for you to pay attention to your child’s early signs of interest and understand if it’s just a phase. Make sure your child pays attention, is active and is up for trying new things. If your kid has these basic signifiers then they are ready to dance.

It’s ok if it takes a few trials in different dance styles to pick the right dance form for your kids. The important thing is that your kids should be happy and enjoy what they are doing. And that’s what dancing is all about. It’s about living in the moment. So, are you ready to get your kids signed up for dance classes? Contact Ucanji today!

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