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How does dance suffice your fitness goals?

There are different ways to stay in shape. Dancing is one of them. If you don’t like going to the gym, or running early in the morning to lose weight then there is an interesting alternative.  If you’re looking for a healthy, fun-instilled , easy activity, we have the perfect workout for you. Dancing is the ideal way to reach your fitness goals. Plus, dancing is not only a healthy and fun activity, but it’s also one of the comprehensive  exercises to help you get in shape. So now that you know, put on your dance shoes and start your dance workout for weight loss.

Dancing is beneficial for the body and mind. It helps in the overall toning of the body. Dancing improves the posture of your entire body and improves your body balance. Additionally, when you dance, you gain a lot of physical flexibility as most dances involve stretching your muscles.


Here are the ways dancing helps you to Stay Healthy and Fit

Reduces Weight- Using a dance workout to lose weight helps you a lot. Dancing can help you lose weight by using your muscles to tone your body. You experience a natural change in your eating habits as you feel healthier after dancing, which will also help you manage weight.

Build Muscular Strength– Dance strengthens muscles, which allows them to work for a longer period of time without being tired.

Improves Flexibility- Dancing increases the flexibility of joints and muscles. Each dance style includes a variety of moments, allowing the major muscle groups to flex properly. As a result, the body becomes lighter and  flexible.

Burns Calories- Another benefit of dancing is that it burns calories, without you realizing it. One can burn up to 200-to 400 calories doing half an hour of Bollywood dance workout which is much more than swimming or running.

Controls Blood Sugar level- Dance exercises control blood cholesterol levels and help regulate blood sugar levels. If you suffer from high blood pressure, dancing may be the best exercise for you.

Relieve stress- Dancing helps you concentrate and relieve stress. When you dance, your body is completely focused on the music and your surroundings. When you workout to your favorite music with your friends, you reduce the amount of stress hormone your brain produces, thus reducing anxiety and tension.


Therapeutic properties – Dancing is also considered a therapeutic and healthy way for people to convey any feelings they may be experiencing. It also helps to deal with depression by offering a way to express your feelings with the help of music and dance. Being able to express yourself without having to talk about anything can bring a sense of both physical and physiological freedom. It also boosts your confidence and self-esteem, helping you cope with depressive episodes.


UCanji is one such platform where you can enroll in online dance classes in India. Ucanji is paving the way for adoption of healthier lifestyles among people as well as acknowledging dance as a  major art form. Ucanji is here to make dance and fitness easier, more enjoyable, and above all accessible to everyone.


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