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How can UCanJi support instructors during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, nobody has been spared. Every business, big or small has faced consistent downfall. Like everyone else, dance instructors are also facing extreme challenges because the students are no more comfortable in visiting dance studios. So to help cope with this situation and offer a more credible platform for both instructors and learners, we bring to you UCanJi.

Either you are a dance instructor looking for a career in online dance classes or a dance enthusiast looking to pursue a dance class online? You are in the right place. UCanJi is India’s largest Dance Platform Online aiming to provide a platform for dance enthusiasts to learn from the dancing Gurus from different styles, genres, and beats. This blog will help you understand, how we can help you during the COVID-19 pandemic:

No More Worrying about Technology:

Many dance instructors are facing trouble in starting their online classes since they are not technical experts, but here is a surprise for you, with UCanJi you do not have to worry about the platform. All you have to do is simply upload your dance tutorial videos and UCanJi will take care of the rest.

Stay Home Stay Safe:

Staying home is not just important for the learners, but also for the instructors as the disease imposes a similar risk. So, with the UCanJi community, you get the freedom to share your talent while staying in the comfort of your own house.

Find Clients Online:

Teaching online can be more complicated than traditional classroom classes, and you may struggle to find clients for your online classes, but with 1 Lakh+ already enrolled students we will help you to find students for you. You get the privilege to focus on your talent and reach greater heights.

Reach to a Wider Audience:

While teaching in a classroom, your talent will be limited to your studio, but while giving your dance lessons online you have an opportunity to reach students from all over the world, and you get to leave your mark in the Dance World.

Higher Income:

As mentioned above, you get to coach more students and earn more up to 10X money with lesser efforts. UCanJi will ensure that you get paid every time a learner purchases your course on the platform.

Do not let COVID-19 impact your journey as a dance instructor. Register today for free and join India’s largest community of dance admirers and reach students globally, and showcase your talent in front of the world while monetizing from your online dance courses hassle-free.

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