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Follow these Tips to learn the Choreography quicker

As the hub for the best dance lessons online, we understand that getting hold of the choreography is not a very easy job for every learner. Nothing to worry about, you are not alone and fortunately, you can overcome this problem by following our quick tips to learning choreography.

Keep in mind that you do not need to just remember the steps, you have to install these moves into your muscle memory.

“Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.”

Learning a new dance routine is a fun and interesting activity, just hop in and this blog will help you absorb the choreography perfectly:

  • Analyse the whole routine: Make sure that you have a video of the dance choreography you are planning to perform. Now, before you get into practice, spend some time watching the dance video very carefully so that you can analyse each dance move and the transitions perfectly.
  • Picture the Steps in your mind: Your online dance classes must have already taught you that dancing begins way before the dance floor. So, do not hurry and replay the routine in your mind again and again which will help you to transfer these steps to your body while performing.
  • Think of it as a Story: Expert instructors believe that the best way to learn any dance routine is by breaking it up into parts and then picturing it as a story. Remembering a story is always much more convenient than remembering some dance steps directly.
  • Use a Simple Imagination: Even the most complex of the dance routines can be simplified using your imagination. If any part of the choreography or transitions is giving you a hard time, create a simpler step by step guide or practice on the rhythm of left-right, right, left.
  • Follow Repetition: Consistency and repetition while practising your dance lessons is the key to ensure that you master the choreography perfectly. Also, especially mark the trouble points, and focus on them during your practice session.
  • Create a specific Loop schedule: To ensure that you are able to learn anything instantly for a long-term, you must adapt a specific repetition schedule:

    After your dance class where you are introduced with the choreography, repeat the routine immediately and then repeat it after a 10 mins break. Then take another repetition round in your mind after an hour. Later repeat it again the next day.

#ProTip: Your memory is just a skill which gets sharper as you use it. So, you need to keep challenging yourself with new and more complex choreography and you will witness that you are able to adapt to new techniques and routines quicker.

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