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Follow these 5 Steps to Choreograph a Dance Routine:

Choreographing your dance routine for the first time? It is time to bring together your creativity, hard work, patience and everything you learned in all those dance lessons.

Before you begin with your routine, remember that choreography is not just for the professional, every dancer can create a perfect dancing routine by following the right steps with a little patience and inspiration. To get you started, we have enlisted a simple 5-step guide to help you choreograph your dance routine:

Find your Inspiration:

In order to create something unique of your own, you need to pick inspiration from your own life. Shape your thoughts and surroundings into a message which you are willing to convey through your dance routine.

Look for ideas while practicing your online dance classes, watch other performances, or enjoy any other art form because your inspiration and ideas can pop up from anywhere.

Feel the music:

A song is one of the most crucial elements of choreographing a dance routine, it can completely elevate or ruin the feel of it. So, before moving any further, you need to be sure that it is the one.

In some cases, the first song might be the perfect selection, and in some, you might have to go through the entire library and still end up with nothing.

Once you have the song, play it on repeat until you have understood each section, energy level and the flow of the song. While listening to the song, use your imagination to place the perfect step according to the beat and genre of the song.

Now it is time to move on to the next step.

Let your body move:

In this step, you need to reach out to everything you learned in your online dance lessons and let your body move with the music. Do not think too much, let your body decide the next step because you will not need the exact steps for your routine.

This freestyle dancing will give you a starting point, and you will have a fair idea on what steps you can integrate in your dance routine. Do not forget to make notes of your favorite portions while freestyling.

Note: Do not be scared of a silly step, just feel the music and move your body.

Put it together:

Now is the time when you finalize the detailing of your dance routine. There is no thumb rule you need to follow, you can work in sections and then put it all together.

Begin with portions which come off easily and then create a complete routine around it and keep in mind your freestyling session from before. You need to observe some professionals to understand how you can present your steps as a powerful combination.

Once you have decided on the choreography, you need to polish your execution. One step which looked perfect during your dance classes online may not fit right in your dance routine.

Just perform your routine and master your dance steps, placement and their execution.

Finalize your Routine:

As novelist Ernest Hemingway once said, “The first draft of anything is sh*t.”

So, if a certain step doesn’t look exactly like you thought it would, then don’t get worried, you are capable of fixing it.

Just make the changes in the sections you feel can be improved and just keep editing until you reach the final draft of your routine.

You are all set to begin choreography to express your inspiration through your own dance routine. If you want to sharpen your dancing skills with support from the best instructors from all over the world, you need to register on UCanJi where you can find the best dance lessons online and learn from the best dancing gurus from all styles and genres.

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