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Evolution of Dance forms Through the Decades

‘Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance’. Dave Berry said this famous quote.

Dance is a form of art. For ages, it has been a way to express emotions. First, it was a way to relieve stress and now it has evolved as a medium to elevate positive hormones in the body and rejuvenate it to the core. Earlier, people were discovering new dance forms to demonstrate their feelings; however, today they are rediscovering ways to keep themselves fit. Every decade brings a completely different influence on the dance forms.

Let’s learn more about the various classical, traditional and modern dance styles.


  • Kathak

Kathak is one of the ancient dance forms that originated from travelling bards of storytellers. Indian classical dance forms like Kathak are good at toning the body and improving blood circulation. It is the oldest dance form yet very much in demand. Nowadays, people are opting for online kathak classes to discover the Indian dance form. There are numerous platforms that offer online Kathak Dance classes to learn.


  • Bhangra

Bhangra originated in the Punjab region around the 40s. It is one of the famous folk dances of India. This form of dance is performed during the Vaisakhi festival to celebrate the harvest. Even today, it is one of the most lively and energetic dance forms. Many urban households newfound their interest in Bhangra classes.


  • Bollywood Dance Form

The Bollywood dance style is an amalgamation of many other dance forms. It started between the 50s and 60s. From Bhangra to Classical to jazz, be it Indian or western, the Bollywood dance style has included all in one. It is one inclusive dance form. Bollywood dance form originated from Bollywood (Indian film industry).


  • Contemporary

Contemporary dance is another form of the expressive dance style that combines elements of several other dance forms like jazz, lyrical, classical and modern. Contemporary dance forms connect the mind and the body. This dance style is from the 90s. That is why it is considered very young. It has grown to become a famous dance genre to learn online.


Nowadays, people want to integrate dance forms into their exercise routines. They learn to dance for fulfilling the purpose of expressing themselves and also keeping fitness on track.

On the Ucanji website, there is one such category “Dance-O-Fit” for those enthusiasts who wish to keep themselves fit while learning dance. You can choose online dance classes for the same.


Dance in a group or with a partner or go solo, one can do it in any way. There are lots of different locations where one can find joy in dancing. Dancing has become such a newfound tool to be active and fit, many of the fitness clubs and the dance clubs offer dance classes for exercise programs.

Dancing is a social and recreational activity. It doesn’t matter where you learn at, what you learn as long as you are shaking your body on the beats.

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