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We all love a fun Bollywood song that’s so addictive that we can’t help but play it on a loop. That’s how the year 2022 has been; full of catchy songs, followed by even more trending choreography. Every genre of dance style took turns to trend, and this year has been the year of hook steps. From bhangra moves to Bollywood dancing and fitness styles, this year has been a treat for dance enthusiasts.

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We are almost at the finish line of this year, and the touchdown to 2023 is just a few steps away. Before we turn the leaf to a new chapter and new beginning, we thought of revisiting all the major milestones of dance trends that ruled the internet. So put on your dancing shoes and tap away all your worries as you boogie to these dance tutorials of trending Bollywood songs –

    1. Chaka Chak

There was a time when this super-trending song from the movie ‘Atrangi Re’ was all over social media. Sara Ali Khan dancing in a green saree was a sensation on the internet. The perfect blend of mainstream Bollywood with a hint of southern beats broke social media with almost everyone creating their rendition of the dance. Check out our Chaka Chak choreography on the song and Learn Bollywood dancing from the best at Ucanji.

  1. Dholida

If you are from the Instagram generation, there is no way you missed the wave this song brought to the social media world. Even if you are not into the gram culture, this song by Alia Bhatt from the movie ‘Gangubai Kathiawadi’ must have been on your list of favourite songs. The song made our heads spin in a good way, and soon everyone on the internet was flaunting their garba skills. Even we are guilty of being hooked on this one. So, we decided to create a dance video on this trending song, go check it out now.

  1. Pasoori

The trending Pakistani song ‘Pasoori’ beautifully blends folk music with modern beats. The various dance videos that went viral with this song added up to the popularity of this already popular song. To say that Pasoori was a record-breaking global hit would be stating the obvious. From sharing their own renditions to grooving to the hit number, there have been various Pasoori Dance videos and tutorials online. How could we lag behind? Check out this easy dance tutorial and let’s agg laavan majboori nuu.

  1. Rangisari

Another social media favorite has been ‘Rangisari’ from the movie ‘Jug Jug Jeeyo’ which grabbed the attention of netizens. While this song took time to pick pace, it quickly became a raging hit for its amazing dance moves. It was all over Instagram reels in no time, with actors, influencers, and netizens joining the bandwagon. Learn the grooving dance moves of this song with us and ace the hook steps.

  1. Kesariya

If you have been on social media for even five minutes in the last few months, then you are well aware of the latest love anthem of the country. Yes, we are talking about the current favourite of everyone, Kesariya. There are so many amazing contemporary dance routine reels on this trending song that it’s giving us all the dancing feels. Do you also want to join the bandwagon for this trending Bollywood Dance? Look no further, as we have created this amazing easy-to-learn dance tutorial for Kesariya. Check out this quick tutorial and let your dance moves rule your reel.

If you wish to learn some quirky, energetic, elegant and fun Bollywood dance moves, then Ucanji is the place for you. From contemporary, hip-hop, and jazz to classical dance styles the choice for you is endless.

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