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Define your audience and objectives

Once you have selected your dance genre/beat which you wish to teach, now it is time for you to decide who exactly you are creating these dance lessons for. Set the motivation for your future students and determine the goals of your course.

Choose your Audience:

It is witnessed that the courses designed for a specific group of the audience have a higher rate of enrollment and are supposed to get better reviews from the learners.

So, while creating your dance tutorial videos, keep a specific group of students in mind. To have a successful online dance teaching career, aim to serve quality instead of quantity.

Understand your Student’s Vision:

Before you begin, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is driving your students to opt for your course?
  • What are the goals which your students wish to accomplish through your classes?
  • How is your course helping the learners to achieve their goals?

Now you know the objective of your online dance classes.

Once you have a clear idea of who your audience is and what their objective of taking your classes is, it is time for you to determine the objective of your dance classes.

You need to have a clear understanding- “by the end of this dance coaching, my students will be able to…”

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