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Choose your Dance Genre

Starting your online dance teaching career with UCanJi? This blog is a guide to help you in the process of your course creation.

The first and foremost thing is to decide the dance genre/beat that you will be teaching; if you have the skills to teach more than just one beat, then your versatility is going to get you even more traffic. While making this decision, it is best to first understand the dance trend and what the learners are looking for.

Start with a little research: With 1 Lakh+ students who have already registered with the website, you have the opportunity to tap on a huge market. But, before you dive right in to create your online dance lessons, look for dancing forms that have a high current demand. You will find plenty of potential learners in that particular niche.

Be Unique: With a number of Dance Gurus in all the dance genres, there might be repetitive courses available on the platform. So, you need to think of ways to stand out of the crowd while staying relevant. Learners always appreciate uniqueness.

Do not Underestimate your Style: While beginning your online dance classes, keep your specialization in mind and focus on what you think you can deliver the best. Be it ballet, contemporary, hip-hop or Jazz we will help you find hundreds of students who’d be interested in the dance form/genre you can teach.

In the end, you are an instructor who is here to teach what you know best and want to share with the world. So, go get your cam recorder and spread the joy of dance.

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