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Bhangra Paa Le

Bhangra Paa Le: Lohri is Incomplete Without Bhangra

“Lohri ta sajdi jado nachiye bhangra pa ke” 

Lohri, the first festival of the year, not only commemorates the end of the winter but also the beginning of celebrations. Although, the festival is celebrated around the country with great enthusiasm and zest. However, the Lohri festival in Punjab is a spectacle to watch with flowing phulkari, thumping to the beats of bhangra & giddha, and savoring Makki di roti te Sarso da saag. The festival helps us take a break from the mundane routine and cherish life.

Lohri is the festival of hope, rejoice, manifestations among many others. Roasted popcorns, revri, gajak, and peanuts- all are Lohri special food that one smells from afar as the festival approaches. Apart from the delicacies, the celebrations in the form of Bhangra and Gidda continue till the Bonfire dies out. The Punjabi traditional dance is the heart of Lohri celebrations. 

Lets Bhangra Pa Le This Lohri 

When the traditional dance is fused with desi swag, topped up with mouth-watering food dishes, you know you’ve got a shedload of reasons to bhangra paa le!! One cannot separate Bhangra from Lohri. This Punjabi dance represents the heart and soul of the festival. The desi bhangra moves add all the fun and excitement to the festival. Bhangra and Gidda hold great significance in this harvest festival. 

Majorly celebrated in the state of Punjab and the neighboring regions, the festival is about good vibes, togetherness, and joy. Breaking into Bhangra to the beat of the dhol is the norm of this festival. Remember the grandeur of the song “Lodi” from the film Veer Zaara?. That is only a glimpse of what transpires in the festival. The term as Lohri dance, the tradition of Bhangra and gidda and Lohri special food is as old as the festival itself.

Calling everyone around “bhangra paa le aaja aaja” reflects the exciting culture and unique camaraderie among the people. Bhangra is considered a male-dominated dancing style. Traditionally, women perform gidda and men dance to the beats of Bhangra in the festival, but the popularity of this dance form has gone beyond gender norms. Today, both men and women step up to the beats of Bhangra as dancing is a matter of a happy heart.

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