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Summer Vacation: Beat the Heat with These Summer Dance Moves

IT’S SUMMER!! You know what it means. It’s time to do whatever you want, and it’s the perfect time of year for kids (except for holiday schoolwork) to see their grandparents, go on a trip, or learn a skill. However, summer vacations in the sweltering heat limit students’ activity and reduce their creative cognitive abilities. This summer, don’t let the heat get the better of you; instead, beat the heat with Ucanji’s online summer dance camps.

About Ucanji

Ucanji is India’s most popular online dancing platform. Learners of all ages are encouraged to master dancing techniques in the comfort of their own homes using the platform. The aim is to make the platform accessible to all. Under the supervision of trained dance instructors, students get access to hundreds of videos on a variety of dance disciplines. Learning a skill (Dance) benefits both your mind and body.

Perks of Summer Dance Camps

A Great Exercise (physical and mental)- Ucancji’s dance workout classes help kids help in muscle development and cognitive development improving child’s flexibility, improve flexibility, musicality, body coordination, and concentration.

Beat the Heat- While the scorching sun is robbing the holiday mood, Ucanji’s summer dance lessons have come to the rescue, transforming the long, parched days into days soaked in fun and learning.

Give fun a chance- Dance is an excellent approach for children to find their passions. Aside from summer dancing camps, the platform offers dance classes online in over 15 different dance styles, from ballet to Bhangra. Let’s give learning and fun a shot this summer. Ucanji’s summer dance camp is sure to provide a wholesome experience that every child will enjoy!

Cognitive Advantages

It takes strong mind and body synchronization to learn and memorize patterns and sequence steps. This summer dance camp will aid in the mind-body connection, allowing learners to practice dance moves and increase their cognitive capacities.

Skill Development

The summer dance camps help children in developing new skills and possibly try new ones. It allows them to try new skills, learn new dance styles, and develop life skills that will benefit them in the future.

Building Confidence

Dance is a form of self-expression. Expressing emotions help improve self-esteem. Kids take pride and a sense of accomplishment when they learn a dance move, and that helps them to build confidence in the art and themselves.

About Ucanji’s Summer Dance Camp

Ucanji’s summer dance section for kids contains 15 dance workout lesson videos. Our ten dance classes are dedicated to teaching stater dance moves to children to help them learn the basic dance steps that are simple and fun to learn. These ten dance lessons cover over 60 dance step routines that are simple to learn and can be used whenever you want to dance. The remaining five dance videos are devoted to teaching the combination dance, which involves combining all the dance steps taught in the ten videos. The main goal of the dedicated dance section for kids is to assist them in learning and having a good time on the platform.

There are also five summer dance choreographies for kids. The kids can learn to dance to some of the most popular songs like Bum Bum Bole and Budhu Sa Mann using our step-by-step videos to get them into dancing and make their summer vacations delightful.

This summer, let’s make these holidays memorable. Ucanji’s online summer dance camp invites you to escape the stress of school and immerse yourself in fun and creative dance sessions to beat the heat in style.

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