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Beat Pre-Performance Nerves! Here are Some Solid Tips

You are all set to perform in front of audiences and you suddenly freeze. The phenomenon is called pre-performance nerves or is commonly called stage fright. It is common for artists before the performance. So, having pre-performance jitters is perfectly normal, but it doesn’t have to hold you back or affect your performance at all

Here are some solid tips to get that confidence back and rock the stage

Nerves are not always bad- It is quite normal to feel those butterflies before the performance, but it is important to understand that that should not be negative every time. It can be beneficial as well. These nerves help release the adrenalin rush that can act as a booster to make the act more dynamic.

Don’t cross the line 

There is a fine line between stretching before the performance and over practicing. The latter tires you out. Never do that before the D-day. Relax your body, eat good food, and give this body a rest. Now nail it on the stage. 

Figure it out

Figure out the reasons for that boiling nerve. If you’re nervous about the step that can go wrong. Practice it in your mind. self-motivation can come to the rescue. Tell your brain that “all is well” because you’ve been practicing hard for it and you’ve got. And all those sleepless have led to this day and you’ve earned it. That it’s your moment and no one can take that from you. You’ve got it. Now go and kill it!

Silence Please

It’s like finding a quiet place to revise before the examination. No one wants to be outside that examination hall with all those scary whispers that make you want to just run away. Find a quiet place, away from the chaos where you can lay down for a quick nap or just breathe and relax.

Just don’t care- Think of the stage as your refugee and not a war zone. Take a moment to ground yourself just before the curtain rises. Close your eyes and feel the energy in your legs connecting to the floor. This can help to calm anxious energy that causes “jittery” dancing.

Most Importantly, Enjoy yourself– Have some fun! Keep in mind that the nerves will pass. You will most likely feel great after the performance, and you will be grateful for these experiences for the rest of your life.

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