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6 Tips for students while taking online dance classes

6 Tips for students while taking online dance classes

While taking online dance classes you get an opportunity to enjoy multiple features like privacy, the comfort of time choice, freedom and much more. But to uplift your online learning experience we have some expert tips for you:

Always Begin with Warm Up:

Dance is a physically demanding exercise, so starting with a warm-up routine is a great step.

Your instructor might skip the dance routine due to time crunch but opting for a simple warm-up is very easy and will take just 10-15 mins from your time.
You can also perform a simple stretch after the dance course online which will help your body cool down. Hundreds of stretching routines are available online for you to follow.

Try Wireless Headphones:

We recommend you to use wireless/bluetooth headphones or earphones instead of wired ones because they keep you away from all the hassle while practising. It’s a great way to keep you focused on the class as it doesn’t connect physically to your device.

It also gives you the freedom to adjust the volume accordingly without even reaching out to your device, and blocks unwanted background noise. While using wireless headphones, ensure that the devices are fully charged, and test to make sure they’ll stay on during turns or any other high intensity moves so you’re not chasing a rogue earbud while the class is going on!

Research Your Dance Instructor:

With UCanJi you get easy access to a huge number of talented instructors to choose from. So, take your time to understand the instructor style, experience and skills, and then choose the one that matches your comfort and style.

The research would help you in the long run and the right teacher would help you pick up steps and keep you motivated throughout your dance journey. So, it is very important to choose the right dance professional that matches your interest and dance style.

Create a Dance Spot:

This is totally optional, but we believe that it is a great way for you to get up and get motivated for your dance lessons. Choose one preferable place in your whole house and move out all the furniture from that spot.

If possible, choose a room or space away from any distractions like the kitchen, TV, front door, or any spaces where the rest of the family hangs out. It is also crucial that you choose a place closer to the internet source as you will require fast-speed internet.

Choose the Right Schedule:

If you want to up your game, consistency is the key.

If you lose consistency, you might lose your progress. You might be a very diligent learner but sometimes online learning can look like an impossible commitment. So, it is best to create a fool-proof schedule to ensure that you practice your lesson daily to improve your dance skills, and not feel guilty about skipping a day.

Make a schedule which suits you best and set your reminders to stay updated and consistent with your online dance classes.

Set Goals:

Setting goals beforehand is a great way to track down your progress. Practising without any success might look like an endless journey, so an effective motivation is to set small milestones which will show your everyday growth as a dancer.

Join UCanJi and become part of a huge dance enthusiasts community and learn from the best dance gurus from different genres, styles and dance forms.

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