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full body workout for beginners

6 effective at-home Workout Exercises to perform without any equipment

Working out from home or gym has its own benefits, but amidst the global pandemic, we must choose safety over anything. Also, the truth is that for being fit we do not require all those gym equipment, and this can be done at home with a total bodyweight workout. Of course the gym equipments can help a person in diversifying their workout program for enhanced growth, but a general full body workout can be accomplished literally from anywhere without requiring those fancy equipments. Check out the following full body workout for beginners:

  • PushupWithout doubt one of the most crucial and effective upper body exercise which one can perform literally anywhere which helps to strengthen your chest, shoulders, core while improving your overall health.
    While pushup has a lot of variations, the basic movement involves keeping your elbows in while descending, and then while pushing up, push up just a little more until you feel you have rolled your shoulder blades.
  • PullupThis exercise helps you to build your upper body, mainly helping you to increase the size of your torso by targeting on your lat muscle, the largest muscle group in your upper body.In this exercise, the person holds a bar with their palms facing forward, and pulls their body up while squeezing their shoulders at the top till their chest comes on level with the bar and keeping their spine and neck in one line during the whole process and then gradually coming back down.
  • PlankThis exercise is ideal if you experience weak back and pain in the lower back and knees due to it, as it helps strengthen your core and enables your body to keep the torso stable.
    For this exercise, it is important to activate your core and spine while tucking your pelvis and pushing the floor through your shoulders.
  • SquatFocused on your gluteal muscles, this exercise helps you activate your back muscles hence strengthening your core.In this exercise, you bend your knees while keeping them at shoulder width and push your hips back while keeping your core engaged and back straight, and then push back up through your heels to get back into the starting position.
  • BurpeeBurpees, even though is a very tiresome exercise, is a great way to warm up while working out all the muscle groups in the body.This exercise involves a person getting into the position of an active plank, then while keeping straight getting into the position of a pushup, and then suddenly snapping up and extending your whole body to then get into the position of a squat and then back to the plank position, so as to repeat it again.
  • LungesLunges help you strengthen your thighs and hips by targeting each leg individual for a more balanced and stable posture.You start this exercise in a standing up position and then step forward until the front leg becomes perpendicular to the rear leg, then getting back into the initial position. Then conduct this movement with the other leg.
  • DanceDance is one of the best exercises that one can invest their time in from the comfort of their home. 20-30 minutes of dancing every day will not only help you shed the excess weight but will also help strengthen your core, muscles, lung capacity, will boost your immunity and uplift the mood, and keep you energized throughout the day.

It is important to note that even though these exercises seem simple and don’t require any equipment to work with, a person still needs to warm up before doing them in order to avoid any injuries and perform these exercises with proper movements.

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