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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Ballet Dance

Ballet dancing, which originated more than 500 years ago in Italy, is not only awe-inspiring but also the most exquisite dance genre. Every Pirouette, Assemble, and the Grand Jete has a rich history. All of them take endurance and patience to give spellbound performances. 

The origin of the Ballet has been dated back to the 15th century in the Italian Renaissance courts. Dancers were supposed to be sophisticated, elegant, and well-groomed to perform. Many spectacular dance performances have taken place all across the world.

There are certain undiscovered facts about this mystical art form that you should be aware of. Let’s begin with them.

  • Women were not allowed in the Ballet 

Ballet dance form originated in the 15th century but women were not allowed to participate in dance until 1681. Because of such misogynistic rules, women didn’t join earlier; however, now women are securing the highest ranks. 

  • Tutu takes 90 hours 

Tutu is the standard skirt worn by female ballet dancers. Every aspiring ballet dancer dreams of wearing a Tutu dress for giving performances. It is interesting to know that the dress takes 90 hours, which means straight four days to complete. 

  • Lots of science into Pointe 

Pointe is the type of shoes designed for Ballet dancing. It holds a vital place in the wardrobe of every ballet performer. Pointe is not a pointy shoe, it is the opposite of being pointed. It is flat. 

  • Ballerinas and Ballerinos 

A woman who is a professional ballet dancer and holds a special title in the whole band called Ballerina. Ballerinos are the male counterparts of Ballerinas. 

  • High Flyers 

While performing spellbound artistic and gentle fluid motions, ballerinas jump impressively 800-900 feet into the air. That is almost as high as some towers. No wonder, why they are called High Flyers.

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