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Stretching is the key to flexibility. It brings benefits to one and all, especially athletes and dancers. Dancers, in particular, need fit and agile bodies for their rigorous dance practices. So stretching before a dance class is essential.

5 Stretches to do before Dance Class 

There are numerous stretching techniques that one can perform before their dance class – whether it’s offline or from an online dance school. 


Hamstring stretching is beneficial to the muscles of the neck, back, and hamstrings. 

  • Maintain hip-width space between your feet at all times. 
  • Begin by bending your knees and laying your arms on your side.
  • Exhale as you lean forward, keeping your head, shoulders, and neck relaxed.
  • Wrap your arms over the back of your legs and hold for 3 to 10 minutes.


Shoulder stretching is good for your shoulder and neck muscles. 

  • Start with one arm up and put it behind your head. 
  • Bend at the elbow and stretch it to your opposite ear. 
  • Place your straight arms on a chair and push down your body while keeping your head level with a flat back. 
  • Keep your upper body and face towards the floor. Hold the position for 30+ seconds. 


Feet are the most important part of a dancer in a dance class. They should do feet stretches more often. 

  • Start while laying on your back and hold one leg to your chest. 
  • Stretch your other leg and point your foot in an upward direction.
  • Hold the position for 15 seconds
  • Change the pointing direction and hold the leg horizontally to the floor. 
  • Repeat these flexes with both legs. 


Spine stretch is also known as seal stretch. It is great for a lumbar spine. 

  • Lay on your stomach while keeping your arms approximately shoulder width apart below you.
  • Push your lower body up and breath while stretching 
  • Keep your head in a resting position and put your face up towards the ceiling 

Hold the position for 30 secs and repeat them. 

Side Twist

Side twists benefit the sides of your upper body. 

  • Start by turning your upper body to one side 
  • Now, start moving your head behind your shoulder 
  • Keep your upper body in position for 30 secs and repeat while switching the sides.

Flexibility is particularly crucial for dancers in online fitness dance schools because it’s easy to ignore this part of the routine. 

Whether you’re in a hip hop dance class or Zumba dance class, stretching is necessary to keep your body moving without any inconvenience. 

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