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5 Reasons Your Dancing is not Improving

It has been days since you practice one step, and you are still not able to kill the music. Why? 

Of course, you are trying and giving your best. However, you have not mastered it. You have not perfected the art of dancing yet. 

We understand the situation and are here to assist you in getting the attributes and addressing the issues.

Let us focus over – why your dancing is not improving. 

You are focusing on learning dance online. We get it. But, there are things you need to change or bring into your routine to resolve the issue of not making any progress. 

> Stretch like a rubber 

If you finish your warm-up in 10 minutes for an hour-long dance class, your problem lies there only. Body flexibility is a major ask when it comes to moving on any step. 

Stretch yourself and become a rubber (if you understand what we want to say) and do the warm-up sessions or exercises for more than 10 mins. 

> Don’t Look down 

You cannot master the dance steps if you are not looking where you are going or at the designated point. Unless specifically requested, refrain from gazing towards the floor or any other direction.

> Dance whenever you get time 

If you stop dancing after taking online dance courses, you are not practicing, but rather avoiding it. After your dancing class, you should practice the class lessons whenever you have time.

> Don’t move just for the sake of moving 

If you only follow the trainer’s moves and not the music, you may miss out on the spirit of both dance and music. It will not present a professional image. Your dance moves should correspond to the rhythms of the song.

> Mirror your positions 

Check your position before a dance practice session. Each dance requires different positions. If you are an UCanji subscriber, the reverse mirror interface can help you excel in the positions.

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