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It’s that time of the year when everything seems vibrant, colorful and joyous. Enveloped in the confetti of celebrations, it’s everyone’s favorite season. It’s the WEDDING SEASON! Yes, you heard that right. In India, weddings come and go like seasons and celebrations are a part of every Indian wedding. Weddings here are incomplete without “shor-sharabba” and dancing. Dancing is something that is inbred in every Indian. There’s no better way we could express our joy, love, and excitement than dancing.

The Robotonline dance classes

Similarly, there is something about Weddings in India that just won’t let you be passive. You are bound to get up and dance! Guests who don’t even need a stage to perform their shadi wala dance. But when the performances are choreographed, it makes the wedding even more memorable.

Why do I Need Wedding Choreography?

A wedding is something everyone plans on doing just once (right? lol), so you only get that one chance to get it right. Of course, the primary focus is on finding the right partner, but finding the perfect venue, those memorable outfits, and arranging for a killer dance performance is part of the deal too. There’s a chance that you’re going to dance on your entry as a bride or the groom on the wedding day. Your mehendi and cocktail night is also going to be all about singing and dancing. And if the families of the bride and the groom get along, they will be at loggerheads on the wedding day. Both sides would want to have the best dance performance, and for that, you need a well-organised choreography. Our latest Wedding choreography video is a treat of the season, and here’s why it’s a must-watch.

Reasons to Watch our Wedding Choreography Video

Get a Preview of What to Expect

Our wedding choreography video is everything you’ve been seeking to rock your wedding day. The beauty of learning dance with Ucanji is that our choreographers will ensure everyone enjoys what they learn. So, whether you are a seasonal dancer or a complete novice, our dancers have something worth your while in store for you. This video is the perfect preview of what you can expect from our choreographers.

Get a Custom Wedding Mashup

One reason to watch this beautifully choreographed wedding video is that you get your very own custom wedding mashup. We have blended some of our favourite wedding tracks together to create this exclusive wedding dance list for you.

More than Just Shadi Wala Dance

We have all grown up watching fairy tales where Cinderella danced with Prince Charming at the ball, and that has set some irrevocable standards. But, fret not as this wedding choreography video will give you a glimpse of different dance styles. From an elegant contemporary dance to a wacky Bollywood dance number, you can choose from endless options.

Dance for Every Mood & Every Group

The highlight of big fat Indian weddings is the dance performances by every relative. Give our wedding choreography video a watch to understand how our expert dancers blend in performances for everyone. We choreograph wedding dances for couples, friends as well as the whole family, whether it’s bhangra, salsa, Bollywood or any and every dance style.

Not your Usual Reel Video

This isn’t your 30 seconds reel video, it’s full-fledged wedding dance choreography. Long enough to allow you to forget everything else and enjoy 6 whole minutes of wedding dance performances. Trust us, by the end of this video you will either be motivated to dance at the next wedding you attend or get grooving on your own wedding.

We Indians don’t really need an occasion to kick off our shoes and break into a jig. And when it’s about wedding dance, we simply can’t help it. What could be more entertaining than dancing with our family and friends to desi beats? So, why not create a flash mob of coordinated thumkas? We bring to you a mix of traditional and modern in the world of Wedding Choreography. So stop thinking and start dancing!

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