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5 Problems learners face while learning online?

5 Problems learners face in online dance classes? How can Instructors make the most if it!

Technology has evolved the way we live, impacting the lives of millions of students and teachers throughout the world. With platforms like UCanJi, hundreds and thousands of students are opting for online learning to engage in some fun activity in their day-to-day schedule.

Now online dance classes are great, they offer students more privacy, more freedom, an amazing choice of dance instructors to choose from, and so much more.

But with great opportunities, there are some drawbacks as well. So, we have recognized 5 common problems which students face, which are going to help you to create much more engaging lessons for your students:

Online Classes are too boring: While learning online, learners miss the socializing, interaction and their traditional studio classes. Just practicing in their rooms alone is no more fun, and they lack motivation.

Now, to become successful as an online dance instructor, you need to up your game and upgrade your course. Your dance tutorials should be engaging and interacting with the students, so they do not feel on their own.

Some steps look impossible: Due to the lack of direct contact, sometimes online dance lessons look like a real problem to a lot of students. Learners fail to understand the steps clearly, or might not be able to crack it.

Being a trainer, you need to understand, what’s easy for you might be a huge task for your students. So be very patient and create each lesson while understanding the challenges that your students might face, and ensure that you keep answering the common doubts throughout the video.

Poor Video Quality: Many students complain that the video lessons are not created properly, or the angle shot is not appropriate, or the lightning is not good.

It might take you a few trials to crack a video with perfect lighting, sound and everything, but ensure that you do not upload a video until you are satisfied with it. Keep reviewing your lessons through a student’s perspective and find out even the minimalistic gaps between an average video and an interactive video. While uploading your dance tutorials video on UCanJi platform, make sure it is shot in 920X1080, 1280X720 resolution.

Students lack Motivation: While spending hours on learning and practicing, it is quite normal to lose motivation at some point of time. During classroom coaching you might get an opportunity to interact with your learner and bring them back on track, whereas it is not possible in an online class.

As their dance instructor, you are also responsible to understand your student and keep them going. So, throughout your tutorial, you need to keep your learners engaged, you might consider adding a little challenge, or might give them a small task. But you need to ensure that the students do not lose their interest.

The Vibes don’t match: Once a learner clicks on your video, there is a possibility that they do not connect with your style or might want to switch to some other instructor.

Though it is completely up to the students, you need to leave no stones unturned. Now to match with your potential student’s vibes you can rethink your music selection, or even try a unique video style, as it might help.

Now you know what challenges are your learners facing, in your next dance course online, do not let anyone of these reasons become an obstacle between you and thousands of students on the UCanJi platform, who wait for your videos.

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