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No true bollywood movie is complete without a foot tapping dance number! There are unforgettable classics like ‘Tan Tana Tan Tan’ from Judwaa. And then there is the new lot of great music like the worldwide sensation ‘Nacho Nacho’ from RRR. Chances are you can’t keep your body still, the moment you hear such music play on the TV or radio.

But I can never do justice to such music on the dance floor! 

Don’t worry! You don’t have to match up to the high standards of the amazing choreography you see on the screen. You can always look for an easy dance routine for your favourite dance music. Or if you wanna make things even simpler, just forget everything and jive freestyle to the dance number of your choice. Either way, you’ll scratch that dancing itch and get a good Dance workout in the process.

And on that note, here are some famous bollywood songs that are super easy to dance to:

  1. My Name is Lakhan

Pure joy! That’s the emotion that this classic Anil Kapoor hit represents. You might be surprised upon learning when this song was released – 1988. Yup! It’s been 34 years but even today, everytime we hear this song, our feet just start moving on their own, don’t they? The best part is, the hook step is as simple as it gets, so anyone can get out of their chair and start grooving to this all time classic.

   2. Gulabo

This is from the 2015 movie Shaandaar. If you’re wondering why you never even heard of this movie, don’t be too hard on yourself because it didn’t exactly do so well. In fact, the best thing to come out of it was this now famous bollywood song Gulabo! Despite being an easy to dance to number, it’s still a crowd puller and an ideal choice to perform at weddings!

  3.Chance Pe Dance

A dance song that is about learning to dance! Doesn’t get a lot easier than that now does it? You can always use the lyrics as a dancing guide even if there’s no choreography to follow. When the movie by the same name came out in 2010, the song was all over the place. Our brains are pretty much still conditioned to respond to it whenever it comes on, so why miss out on the opportunity to get a little dance workout to this banger whenever you get a chance?

 4.Kala Chashma

Punjabi music lovers knew this song from way before the rest of the nation got introduced to it via Baar Baar Dekho in 2018. An instant hit, any party was incomplete without this song for the next couple of years after it came out. If you have any bhangra moves you want to show off, this song is the perfect opportunity.

 5.Oh Haseena Zulfo Waali

This list would be incomplete without a retro bollywood hit. If your parents like to crank some tunes in the background, in the house, you certainly know how reered this one is. The sheer amount of energy it evokes in people is enough of a reason for you to consider it if you’re a dancer or want to get into dancing. The good part about old Hindi songs is that they are a hit on the floor among everyone – teenagers, young adults, and seniors alike!

Those were 5 famous bollywood songs every beginner dancer should have in their playlist. Just lock your bedroom, crank the volume up and dance to these chart toppers like nobody’s watching. Alternatively, you can look for an easy routine to follow.

Happy Dancing!

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