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5 Dance Styles To Learn As A Beginner

You’ve always wanted to dance but lacked the time or commitment to do so. You’ve come to the stage in your life when you want to learn a dance form but have no idea where to begin or how to go. We are here to address every question that pops in your head regarding how to start with…Have you ever watched someone dance and wondered how they do it so well? It all boils down to whether you want to learn to dance or not…

Learning a dance form is a commitment that involves dedicated hours of practice and rehearsal. Many people are hesitant to learn since attending a dance class absorbs much of their time. What if we told you that all you need is a screen and a small area in your room? Yes, Ucanji, an online dance class in India, is the answer to all of your questions. 

Let us learn more about Ucanji. It’s a unique online dance learning platform created just for you. Age is not a roadblock here. Because we think that dancing transcends age, gender, and all other factors. You are going to learn under the supervision of certified dance instructors, and access to hundreds of videos on a variety of dance forms. 

If you’re ready, we’re too. Let’s know about the dance styles to start with-:

Bollywood- Who can resist dancing when a Bollywood song plays? Bollywood is a fusion of many different dance styles. This dancing technique is a mash-up of all the genres shown in Indian films. Yeah, age could never be an excuse here. Ucanji dance classes consist of recorded sessions from a beginner to an advanced level. If you’ve just been introduced to the world of dance, we recommend you start with the beginner course. 

Bhangra- For an Indian, breaking into bhangra whenever Punjabi music is played is the norm. Also, Bhangra is a professional dance form and if Bhangra is something that truly motivates to learn dance, then go for it. Ucanji has well-curated step-by-step bhangra classes for a beginner like you. 

Hip hop- If you enjoy popping, locking, and breaking, then hip hop classes are for you…Learn step-by-step hip-hop routines without having to leave your home? Sounds awesome, right? Learn dance with ucanji’s from beginning to an advanced level with no sweat (figuratively speaking).

Waacking– Waacking is a fun way to express oneself through dancing. Striking arm motions poses, and a focus on expression characterize this dance style. The dance inspires younger generations of dancers from all walks of life all around the world.

Footstyle- Take your dance skill up a notch with foot style dance. The dance form focuses on the heavy, fast, and rhythmic movement of feet. The ucanji dance session focuses on making the dance form easier to comprehend and master by breaking down motions step-by-step.

All the dancers started at the same place: the beginning. So let’s begin this journey with us and groove.

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