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5 Best Workout Routines to Lose Weight

Being physically active is one of the most important things in life, especially in today’s time when the need of the hour is to stay fit and healthy while you conveniently stay at home, safe. Exercising regularly contributes towards a healthy lifestyle when you are trying to lose weight or manage a moderate weight.

Typically, one starts to shed weight when they increase the level of physical activities and lower calorie intake. So, here we are sharing with you some of the best workout routines, while you start looking up for a diet that best suits your body type.

  1. Zumba: One of the most energetic fitness regimes, Zumba workouts are fun and effective at the same time. If you didn’t have the time to practice your hip hop session, you can make up for it by practising 30 minutes of Zumba at any time of the day. Trust us, it is equally awesome and best for weight loss!#Didyouknow: Zumba dance for beginners is amongst the most looked up on the internet, so, if you have come here for a solution, we’d be happy to serve you.
  2. Hip Hop: This is a street style dance form that is practised on hip hop music and songs. Totally effective for burning extra energy and toning your body, Hip Hop for Kids is very necessary due to the physical inactivity during the lockdown and studying from home. Hip hop is an excellent choice for several reasons mainly because it is entertaining (for the song and music), and is trendy. It can engage kids and help manage weight.
  3. Bhangra: Synonymous to fun and enthusiasm, Bhangra is one of the best and most exciting physical activities that originates from North India. Bhangra classes allow people to lose weight in an extremely fun way. It helps burn calories and extra energy stored in us. Just like Zumba, 30 minutes of Bhangra classes for kids can make them skilled in the dance form and also help lose or manage weight.
  4. High-Intensity Interval Training: Recently gained popularity alongside traditional forms of exercises, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Workouts involve cycles of short, high-intensity sessions with a brief time of recovery between the exercise change. You can create your own HIIT regime, or follow any online series in combination with practising Zumba or Running. It is one of the most suitable forms of weight loss exercise for people who are looking to lose weight quickly and stay at home.
  5. Running: One of the best cardiovascular exercises, running is best for the overall wellness of the body. For a better heart and lungs, one can start their day with 20 mins of running to burn the extra energy the body stores. If the body is burning more than it consumes, it can help reduce weight over time. Though you can see an immediate loss in weight, you need to adopt a strict regime over several weeks or months to manage the weight.

India is amongst the leading countries in obesity. We are 2nd next to China with over millions of people struggling to either lose weight or have lack of motivation. If you are planning to lose weight, you can take online dance classes for kids, adults or people of all ages from the comfort and safety of your home with Ucanji.

Also, when you begin you must remember that there is no particular combination of physical activities that may work for you, so you must try every physical activity in small intervals.

So, if you are looking to kickstart your fitness regime, take dance fitness classes at Ucanji, where you improve your skills, lose weight, or just have some fun – cause the platform is curated for Thoda Fun & Thoda Fitness!

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