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4 Unexpected benefits of Training at-home

For many dancers, online dance classes were not a preference before the lockdown, as dancing with fellow bunheads at a dancing studio sounded like a much better option, but after weeks of online learning and training at home, many dancers have discovered the positive side of this not-so-perfect situation.

Acknowledging these opportunities will keep you motivated and will help you to keep growing as a dancer.

Benefits of Training at-home

Learn at your own pace

Every student is different and every learner has its own pace, but learning in a classroom might seem like a challenge to many students because of the constantly proceeding dance lessons. So learning online will allow you to calm down and learn as slow or as fast as you wish.

Even if you feel you want to go through the whole class, again and again, you just have to go back and press the repeat button, and your class will begin again until you are ready to move to the next part of your course.

Explore different styles with different teachers

Whether you are a beginner or dancing for quite some time now, you might wish to explore a new form of dance.

While learning at a dance studio, you will need to enrol yourself into a brand new course, but the best dance classes online offer you access to pursue a new dance form or the same dance form with a new trainer which will allow exploring your new skills.

Get freedom from mirrors

Have you ever had a teacher who makes the class turn away from the mirror and repeat a combination? Yes, there is such a method and many professional trainers use it to train their students. Now, unintentionally you have the chance to learn the most difficult moves without your inner-critic looking into the mirror.

This technique allows you to master the skill by observing your muscles and movements. So, you have to keep practising constantly and your dance guru will help you to improve your steps after reviewing.

Choose your own dancing spot

While taking your dance classes online you have the freedom to switch your dancing space whenever you wish. All you need is an 8*8 space and you can shift your dance spot to another location as long as the ground is even.

This switch in location is not just for fun, it might also offer you fresh inspiration and motivation for dancing. You can create your dancing studio at your rooftop, kitchen, living room or driveway.

We have that these benefits help you to look at your at-home training sessions with a different lens. If you are planning to begin your online learning journey, just visit UCanJi and explore among thousands of beginner dance classes and choose the best one for you.

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